Logs for December 2020

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17 logs posted for December 2020.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
12/01 Morning Get Ahead Kaylee and Odessa Like Pygmalion
Morning Too Late for Damage Control Castle, Odessa, and Toussaint Like Pygmalion
Mid-Morning Relevant Information Ace and Odessa
12/03 Morning Angler Kravid and Lucien Like Pygmalion
12/04 Late Morning An Attempted Connection Arlo, Kaylee, and Toussaint
12/06 Midday Making Lemonade Out of Nightmares Emily
Early Morning The Hunting Trip, Part I Ace and Zachery
Late Morning The Hunting Trip, Part II Ace, Zachery, and…
Afternoon From The Ground Up Emily, Joe, and Lance
Early Evening The Hunting Trip, Part III Ace and Zachery
12/10 Late Morning Hello Sunshine My Old Friend Godfrey
Midday Snow Daze Delilah, Marthe, and Wright
12/11 Evening Trimming Trees, Checking Lists Ace and Odessa
12/13 Night Her Place Chel and Sabine Distant Shores
12/25 Morning Given Time Ace and Odessa
12/26 Midday This Little Light Of Mine Godfrey
12/29 Late Evening Circle Eve Distant Shores
12/30 Morning Pink Slip Byrne and Dowe
From To Title Participants Storyline
11/09 01/20 I'm Not Here Kay and Kravid Like Pygmalion
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