Logs for February 2018

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27 logs posted for February 2018.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
02/01 Morning Leave the Past Behind Amadeus, Colette, Devon, Elaine, Jaiden, Jonathan, Kay, Lene, Lynette, Mateo, Peyton, Pines, Ray, Robyn, and Tuck
Noon Ultimatums Delia and Nick
02/18 Evening Monkeyshines Eimi and Hailey
02/19 Morning Mondays Ray and Sera Garden of Forking Paths
Late Afternoon Bringing Color Colette and Jaiden
Late Afternoon Pickpockets and Shopnudgers Brynn, Chess, and Tuck
02/20 Morning Neanderthal Fight Dinosaur Logan, Sasha, and Sibyl
Late Morning A Virtual Symphony of Bad News Zain
Noon Less Than 1% Colette and Eimi
Afternoon Fortunes Told Eve and Sibyl
Afternoon Remnants of a Railroad Jaiden and Megan
02/21 Morning Doomsday Preppers Delia and Jaiden
Late Morning Shot In The Dark Logan and Ray Garden of Forking Paths
Noon Old Family Movies Ray Garden of Forking Paths
Late Afternoon Slow Turn Hailey
Evening Domesticity Jaiden and Monica
Evening It's Called the Safe Zone for a Reason Gillian, Hailey, and Julie
Night Literally a Game of Cat and Mouse Sylvester
02/22 Early Morning Random Laundry Dancer Brynn, Caspian, and Lance
Afternoon Have You Seen This Gun Buddy and Tibby
02/23 Wee Hours Moments Paid For By Blood and Tears Kaylee
Morning Accruements Avi and Rue Hunters
Morning The Man with the Van Brynn, Caspian, and Joe
Late Afternoon Tricky Ricky and the Pony Express Berlin and Ricky Hunters
Evening Between Us Amadeus and Delia
Night Farmer's Market Meets Dumpster Diving Buddy, Eugene, Huruma, Keira, Logan, Ricky, Sibyl, and Zain
02/24 Late Morning Alone and Not Alone Arlo, Hailey, and Tania
02/28 Noon Excellent Proposal Barney, Des, and Ray
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