Flood Remi's Log Page
01/15 Terre Sèche Remi and Liz have a conversation over coffee. Elisabeth
01/16 Murder Mysteries Remi and Silas discuss their futures in this new world over a midnight snack. Silas
01/17 One Hell of an Adjustment Richard and Remi finally have a conversation after the chaos. Richard
02/26 Walking Dead Remi meets someone from the other her's past. Barney and Seren
03/04 Not a Typical Encounter A familiar face surfaces in the middle of an antique shop. Huruma
03/05 If You Insist Two artistic types meet in a cocktail lounge in Rochester. Nikola
03/14 Broadway Remi, Richard and Silas meet up to examine their new investment. Richard and Silas
03/17 Secrets Secrets Remi tries to go out, only to get embarassed. Isabelle, Joanne, Rex and Sahara
03/18 Fine Cuisine Remi meets someone in a diner. Zachery
03/21 Frustrations Magnes stops by for a visit that has a rather unexpected outcome. Magnes
03/22 Mon Ami Remi and Silas have a chat that doesn't go so well. Silas
03/24 Brighton Your Day Remi attends an interrupted cookout on the beach. Many
03/30 Start A Riot A shopping trip goes wrong. Chris, Devi, Ignacio, and Luther
04/04 Do Your Research Remi encounters this timeline's version of her cousin. Tibby
04/23 Capable Hands Remi hires an electrician for the Novelle Vue. Caspian
04/28 Purr Remi and Silas hire some help in the engineering department. Devi and Silas
04/29 We All Have Our Kinks Remi runs into Godfrey again after the Gala. Godfrey
04/30 Zeitgeist Remi has an…experience with a new drug, and something happens at the end of the night. Cesar, Rue and Tibby
05/01 Miles to Go Remi and Silas have a heart to heart after Remi's experience. Silas
05/18 World's Fair - Mantis Remi attends Raytech's entry to the World Fair. Many
05/24 Showcase Remi and Silas attend the World's Fair. Many
06/04 Utmost Confidence Remi stops by Raytech to have a chat with Richard… Richard
Lover's Spat …Then meets Zachery again in the elevator… Zachery
Control Issues …And chaos ensues. Zachery
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