Logs for January 2020

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43 logs posted for January 2020.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
01/01 Twilight You Were Never Eve The Dragon
Daybreak Dangerous Game, Part I Squeaks The Dragon
Morning Forward Asi, Eve, Luther, Monica, Kimberly and… The Dragon
Noon Fucked From The Start Adrienne, Yi-Min and Zachery The Dragon
Early Afternoon The Truth of a Lie Eve, Odessa and… The Dragon
Afternoon Handle The Secret Eve, Kaylee and… The Dragon
Afternoon Veiled Eyes Asi, Eve and Silas The Dragon
Evening A Beacon Eve and Nathalie The Dragon
Evening Something Wholly Theirs Brynn, Emily, Joaquin, and Nathalie
01/02 Daybreak Gauntlet of Fun Shane, Lance, Emily, Liza, Nicole
Early Afternoon Dreamers Round Eve and hella other folks The Dragon
Early Afternoon Back Alley Tangle Dumortier, Isis, and Kara
Early Afternoon Continuity Error Eve, Kara, and Yi-Min
Early Afternoon Pieces of an Unknown Puzzle Elisabeth and Silas
Early Afternoon Shattered Dreams Dumortier, Emily, Kara, Silas, and Yi-Min
01/03 Wee Hours Inspired Nathalie and Rue The Dragon
Evening The First Murders Of 2020 Ghost, Shaw, and Townsend Uncharted Territory
01/04 Morning Continued on E6 Odessa
Afternoon Deus Ex Machina Richard The Dragon
Late Afternoon Odile's Coda Richard and Rue The Dragon
Late Afternoon Answering The Call Elisabeth, Kaylee and Alia The Dragon
Late Afternoon Title Pending Alia, Elisabeth, and Chel The Dragon
Early Evening White Queen's Knight Reactivated Devon and Elisabeth The Dragon
01/05 Dawn All Was Golden Rue and Seren The Dragon
Morning Interruegation Avi, Devon, Elisabeth, and Rue The Dragon
Late Evening I Went to the Store One Day Rue The Dragon
01/06 Morning A Mask of Porcelain Kaylee
Morning A Clever Rues Cesar, Devon, Liza, Rhys, and Rue The Dragon
Afternoon I Want To Believe Everleigh and Shane
01/11 Pre-Dawn Instant Messaging Everleigh and Leroy
Evening Sondes Van Die Vader, Part I Tibby
Evening Figment of Your Incarnation Elaine and Rhett The Dragon
Late Night Lingering Tension Elaine and Rhett
01/12 Late Afternoon Make a Home Elaine and Rhett
Late Night The Devil You Never Knew Baruti and Nathalie The Dragon
Late Night The Devil You Could Be Baruti and Richard The Dragon
Late Night The Devil You Become Nathalie and… The Dragon
01/13 Morning Left at the Chessboard Alia, Cassandra, Devon, Elisabeth, Rue, and Seren The Dragon
Late Morning We Are Made of Stardust Elaine and Kimiko The Dragon
01/14 Morning Waterbreathing Elaine and Rhett
Afternoon Electric Ghosts Elaine, Elisabeth, Kaylee, and Rhett
01/15 Late Morning Resonance Elaine, Kaylee, and Rhett
Night Falling Overboard Elaine and Rhett
01/16 Morning Burnt Offerings Liza and Shane Uncharted Territory
Late Morning Bodega Life Doyle and Silas
Afternoon Repairing a Heart Elaine and Rhett
01/17 Early Evening Murderhobos Everleigh and Shane
Night The Tulpa and the Leviathan Eizen and… The Dragon
01/18 Morning A Cloud of Eve Eve, Elaine and Rhett
01/25 Late Evening Cheap Wine Everleigh and Shane
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