Logs for July 2019

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51 logs posted for July 2019.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
07/01 Pre-Dawn Paranoia Agent Asi and Komura The Dragon
Morning Praxical Infiltration Asi and Monica The Dragon
Late Morning Together At Last Azami, Lou, Miguel, and Raquelle The Dragon
Noon Courage Astor and Emily Time For Rest
Evening Breakfast Briefing Alix, Asi, Chess, Eve, Kimberly, Luther, and Monica The Dragon
07/03 Sunset Riddle of the Ring Toss Seren and Silas
Night Like Him Eileen and Emily
07/06 Afternoon Strange Days Brewster, Sieghilde and Silas Uncharted Territory
07/09 Morning Black Coffee, White Lies Emily and Zachery
Afternoon Talk To Me Joseph and Kaylee
07/11 Early Morning Refreshingly Alien Bella and Seren
Early Morning Photokeratitis Asi The Dragon
Afternoon Assuredly Indelible Kain and Raul
Afternoon Art Therapy Emily and Silvia
07/12 Night At The Time ??? Hands of Mary
07/13 Afternoon The Breaking Point Isis and Zachery
Late Afternoon Shaken Faith Komura The Dragon
07/14 Afternoon 心配するな Asi and Silas
07/15 Early Morning Total Eclipse of the Heart Donna, Kyla, Maddox, Mohinder, Odessa, Pete, and Rich The Dragon
Morning Providence Book Club Chris, Dumortier, Kara, and Sophie
Evening Three Minutes In Hell Cesar and Kaylee
Night An Older Game Avi and Farah
07/16 Evening Cardinals of a Feather Elisabeth, Chel, Nathalie, Richard
07/19 Late Morning It's Been Awhile Asi and Godfrey
Noon Expressively Violent Kara and Shambrook
Afternoon What's This Tontería Joaquin and Sahara
Afternoon Pocket Full of Magic Aura, Carl, Lili, Richard, Ricky, Seren, and Walter
Late Afternoon Balmy Weather Devon and Emily
07/20 Noon Taking Turns Elisabeth and Kaylee
Noon We Did SHROOMS Dumortier, Kara, Sophie, and Zachery
07/21 Evening Wildfires ???
Evening Arcades, Mark II Elisabeth, Richard, Alia, and Aurora
07/22 Late Morning Just Fooling Yourself Curtis, Elisabeth and Kaylee
Evening Disastrously Spectacular Isis and Sable
Night No Hiding Eileen and Francois
07/23 Early Evening Not Be Alone Emily and Nathalie
Late Evening A Less Than Routine Checkup Isis and Zachery
07/24 Afternoon The Deal He Always Wanted Leonardo and Olson A Rising Tide
07/25 Late Morning Take Some Air Emily and Huruma
Late Morning Badly Kept Secrets Francois and Kaylee
Afternoon Raytech Project Meeting - July 19 Alia, Barney, Bella, Dana, Devi, Chel, Richard, Sera, Seren, Warren, and Zachery
Early Evening Say Anything Remi and Zachery
07/26 Morning What We Brought Back Avi and Francois The Dragon
07/27 Evening A Shield is a Symbol Elisabeth, Hart, Modi, and Wilson A Rising Tide
07/28 Morning I Think I Broke Him Devon, Elisabeth, and Zachery
Morning Far From Home, Part I Asi The Dragon
Late Morning Far From Home, Part II Asi, Eve, Godfrey, Jaiden, Luther, and Monica The Dragon
Early Evening Breakdown Lane Erin, Felix, and Kaylee A Rising Tide
Evening Some Disassembly Required Alia, and Elisabeth
07/29 Noon The Why of It Emily and Zachery
Afternoon Chicken Legs Elisabeth, Emily, and Aura
Evening Witch Astor, Eileen, and Sharrow The Dragon
07/30 Morning Interagency Cooperation Cesar, Colette, Elisabeth and Kaylee
Evening Awkwardly Loaded Devi and Elisabeth
Evening Awkward Olive Branch Devi and Richard
Date From Date To Scene Title Participants Storyline
06/29 07/04 Door Duty Brewster, Chris, Reena and Sieghilde ???
07/06 07/23 Fits and Starts Eileen and Gabriel
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