Log for June 2019

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59 logs posted for June 2019.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
06/01 Late Morning Seeking Shelter Berlin, Curtis, Devon, Emily, Huruma and Lucille
Early Afternoon Shelter in the Storm Devon and Emily
Early Evening Best In Town Huruma and Megan
Early Evening Not Paranoia Elisabeth and Silas
Night You Shouldn't Be Here, Again Kaylee The Dragon
Night Only Gone For A Moment Eve and Ghost
06/02 Afternoon Exogenous, Part II Nolan, Richard, Ruby, and Squeaks The Dragon
Afternoon Eyes on the Prize Dumortier and Weasel
Late Afternoon The Darker the Night... Curtis and Elisabeth
Evening Promotions Elaine and Robyn
06/03 Midmorning Waiting for Ulterior Motives Elisabeth and Zachery
Afternoon Something's Off Elaine and Magnes
Afternoon Gather Round Brynn, Emily, Eve, Joaquin, Joe, Lance, Nathalie, Squeaks, Weasel The Dragon
Evening His Regards Dajan, Juwariya, Mihaja, and… The Dragon
Night At Mimir's Well Greg and Zachery
Night Lies Dajan, Eizen, Juwariya, and Mihaja The Dragon
Night The Eight-Headed Serpent, Part VIII Eizen, Huruma, and Kimiko The Dragon
06/04 Afternoon Utmost Confidence Remi and Richard
Afternoon Lover's Spat Remi and Zachery
Afternoon Control Issues Remi and Zachery
Afternoon Blonde Emily and Kaylee
Night The Walled Garden, Part I Asi, Chess, Luther, and Monica The Dragon
Night The Walled Garden, Part II Alix, Eve, Kimberly, and Miles The Dragon
Night The Walled Garden, Part III Alix, Asi, Eve, Kimberly, Luther, Miles, and Monica The Dragon
06/05 Pre-Dawn Flowers of War Lanhua and … The Dragon
Morning Booty Dial? Butt Call? Isis and Zachery
Evening Never Going To Be Mine Huruma and Megan
06/06 Late Morning Lighthouse Reborn Brynn, Emily, and Joe
Evening Pub Siestas Dumortier, Silas, and Zachery
06/07 Night ...The Brighter the Stars Elisabeth and Richard
Late Night A Sea of Redd Mines and… A Rising Tide
06/08 Morning Seeking the Magi Delilah, Lene, and Richard The Dragon
Late Morning Unwell Tidings Lisa and Richard The Dragon
Late Morning The End of Your Life Magnes and Kimiko The Dragon
Evening Reverence Kara and Sharrow The Dragon
06/09 Morning The Weather in Her Head Odessa and Kyla
Afternoon Unexpected Gifts, Redux Aura, Elisabeth, and Felix
06/10 Morning To Protect and Serve Colette, Donovan, Elisabeth, Erin, Felix, Hart, Kaylee, Marisa, Mira, Modi, and Wilson A Rising Tide
06/11 Late Afternoon Any Ordinary Day Colette and Marisa A Rising Tide
Late Afternoon CEO Reacts To Praxis Hacker News Warren
Early Evening Breakdown Lane Erin, Felix, and Kaylee A Rising Tide
Early Evening Hello? Is it me you're looking for? Nathalie and… The Dragon
Evening A Shield is a Symbol Elisabeth, Hart, Modi, and Wilson A Rising Tide
Evening Missing X Devon and Emily
06/14 Pre-Dawn Unwell Isis
Late Afternoon P l e a s e H e l p Nathalie and Richard The Dragon
06/15 Evening Epigenetics, Part I Devon, Elisabeth, Emily, and Richard
Evening I'm Not Saying It's Aliens Elisabeth, Richard, and Voss The Dragon
Late Evening You Know Me Huruma and Ryans The Dragon
06/16 Morning Father's Day Surprises Aura, Elisabeth, and Richard
06/17 Night Roaming Nicole and Zachery
06/18 Late Afternoon The Practice of Killing God Maddox, Mohinder, and Odessa The Dragon
Late Afternoon Epigenetics, Part II Devon, Elisabeth, Emily, Richard, and Zachery The Dragon
Late Afternoon Afraid Together Devon and Emily
Late Afternoon You're You, Maybe Devon, Emily, and Zachery
Night So Prepare Zachery
06/19 Afternoon Khargosh Shaw and ???
06/20 Afternoon Walking With A Ghost Aislinn and Elisabeth
06/24 Sunset Her Blood Squeaks The Dragon
Sunset His Blood Squeaks, Yao, and Zhao The Dragon
Sunset Old Blood Adam and Squeaks The Dragon
Night New Blood Joy and Squeaks The Dragon
06/25 Late Morning License to Ink Brynn and Robyn
06/26 Afternoon Aim for the Target Kara, Nicole, and Sophie
Early Evening Embers of The Fire Isis and Zachery The Dragon
06/28 Pre-Dawn The Dragon of Kiso Mountain Asi, Eve, Luther, Miles, and Tae The Dragon
06/30 Late Morning Divergent Elisabeth and Kara
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