Logs for June 2021

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82 logs posted for June 2021.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
06/01 Afternoon Charity Drive Dumortier, Elliot, and Merlyn
Evening Never Left Unsaid Elliot and Merlyn
Night Vertroue Baruti and Tibby Distant Shores
06/02 Morning The Day Ace and Odessa
06/03 Late Morning Waarheid Aida, Baruti, Tibby, and Ra'id Distant Shores
06/04 Morning Last Will and Testament Chess and Kaylee Distant Shores
Afternoon Parting Is Such Sorrow Ames, Elliot, Marthe, and Wright Distant Shores
06/06 Afternoon As You Do Elliot and Gates Distant Shores
06/07 Evening Long Time Hailey and ???
06/08 Pre-Dawn The Instrument Chel and Dave Distant Shores
06/10 Morning Everything is Coming Up Finch! Finch Inferno
Evening Last Supper Castle, Chess, Elliot, Eve, Richard, Robyn, and Wright Distant Shores
06/11 Late Afternoon Somewhere Beyond the Sea, Part I Chel, Castle, Chess, Dana, Dave, Elliot, Eve, Gates, Hall, Harris. Kravid, Marcus, Mohinder, Richard, Robyn, Sage, and Wright Distant Shores
Late Afternoon Frequency Ace, Elisabeth, and Odessa Distant Shores
Late Afternoon Disrupted Frequency Ace and Odessa
Evening ɹnɐʇouᴉɯ Gates Distant Shores
Night Word on the Wire Elisabeth and Wright Distant Shores
06/12 Morning Sculpture, Stripped Ace ???
Afternoon It'll Come Back Around, Part I Merlyn, Ricky, and…
Afternoon Bargaining for Clarity Everleigh and Zachery
Late Afternoon Who the Fuck is Kain Zarek? Joey and Merlyn
06/13 Late Afternoon Something You Will Miss Dearly Ace and Odessa ???
Evening It'll Come Back Around, Part II Kain and Ricky
06/14 Morning Mystery Visitor Cooper, Dumortier, Emily, Kendall, Nicole, and Wright
06/15 Evening Lessons From Larceny Dumortier, Kendall Inferno
06/16 Late Afternoon Hearts of Copper August and Merlyn
06/17 Morning Repursecussions August and Kaiya
Early Evening Closure Kendall
06/18 Afternoon Dungeons & Dragons Gates and Wright Distant Shores
Evening Just a Little Interlude Ace, Godfrey, and Odessa
06/19 Late Morning 目と目が合って Asi and Elliot Distant Shores
Late Morning 君と繋いで Asi and Asi Distant Shores
Afternoon Missive Elisabeth, Elliot, Richard, and Wright Distant Shores
Afternoon Re: What the Fuck, Part I Elisabeth and Wright Distant Shores
Evening A Perfect Drink on a Perfect Night Ace, Faulkner, Melody, Odessa
06/20 Morning Contingency Pending Distant Shores
Morning It's Not An "S" Gates and Odessa Distant Shores
Early Afternoon (Seeking) A Friend For The End Of The World Everleigh, Seren and Wright Distant Shores
Late Afternoon He Lives Gates and Hiro Distant Shores
Late Afternoon Smoke Break Ace, Gideon, and Luke Inferno
Night The King of Swords Marcus Distant Shores
06/21 Evening Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Gates and Wright Distant Shores
06/22 Afternoon The Big Oof Elliot, Seren, and Wright Distant Shores
06/23 Late Morning The Company You Keep Kaylee, Luther, and Monica
Evening GALATEA Asi, Faulkner, Kirk, and Nova Like Pygmalion
Evening Just Zeroes and Ones Asi, Avi, Jiba, and S.Attva Like Pygmalion
Evening A Path Back to The City Abby, Asi, and Reeves Like Pygmalion
Evening Across The Void Asi and Elliot Like Pygmalion
06/24 Morning Sovereignty Faulkner and Nova Like Pygmalion
Midday To Protect Our Own Existence Abby, Asi, Brynn, Daphne, Faulkner, Gillian, Isabelle, Jac, Kaylee, Kirk, Nova, Shaw, and Yi-Min Like Pygmalion
Midday A Little Inquisition Kirk and Squeaks Like Pygmalion
Midday You're You Asi, Faulkner, and Nova Like Pygmalion
Midday A Fuckup of Unimaginable Proportions Atkins, Colin, Gerrit, and Huber Like Pygmalion
Afternoon Company Woman Jager and Nowell Like Pygmalion
Afternoon The Vault Broome and Ruby Distant Shores
Late Afternoon Wees Veilig Asi and Kirk Like Pygmalion
06/25 Morning Two in the Chest, One in the Head Marcus Distant Shores
Afternoon Magnetic North Harris and Sabine Distant Shores
Late Afternoon Infinitesimal Asi and Elliot Distant Shores
Evening Sweet Escape Asi and Shaw Like Pygmalion
06/26 Midday Law & Order, Bagels and Coffee Erin and Tasha
Afternoon The Disillusion of Reality Kaylee and Luther
06/27 Late Afternoon How Did You Do It? Kaylee and Odessa
Late Afternoon Beat The Clock Baird, Devi, and Seren Distant Shores
Evening The Margins Hayate, Marlowe, and Otomo Distant Shores
Evening Fall Nine Times Asi and Faulkner Like Pygmalion
Night The Devil Has a Face Nia Like Pygmalion
Night The Devil Has a Name Asi, Nia, and Monica Like Pygmalion
06/28 Morning Right Arm Asi and Huruma Like Pygmalion
Evening At Least in This Lifetime Ace and Odessa, Des and Spades Inferno, Distant Shores
Evening A Loss in the Family Cedric, Harding, and Hesser Distant Shores
06/29 Afternoon ¿ǝɹɐ noʎ ʞuᴉɥʇ noʎ op oɥʍ Kirk Like Pygmalion
Late Afternoon Union Asi Like Pygmalion
Evening Dead Drop ??? ???
Late Evening Corinthians 3:16 Aman and Faulkner Like Pygmalion
Late Evening Runaway Kaylee Like Pygmalion
Late Evening Phoenix Isabelle Like Pygmalion
Late Evening Chop Nicole Like Pygmalion
Night The Last Resort, Part I Aman, Devon, Doyle, Faulkner, Francis, Hahn, Pride, Scott, Sera, and Ulysses Inferno
Night The Last Resort, Part II Avi, Dana, Debra, Farah, Gatter, Kendall, and Voss Inferno
Night The Last Resort, Part III Pending Inferno
Night The Last Resort, Part IV Ali, Dumortier, Elisabeth, Erin, and Garza Inferno
Night Embers Faulkner and Isis
06/30 Morning Each Different Version Is A Gift Elisabeth and Kaylee Inferno Like Pygmalion
Late Morning The Beginning of the End Aida, Azadi, Baruti, Damian, Ra'id, Kellar, Lucien, Nisatta, Wenyi, and Yao Distant Shores
From To Title Participants Storyline
06/10 06/12 Katie and Merlyn Elliot and Merlyn
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