Logs for Keira Fionn

Logs for Keira

Date Time Title With Storyline
09/09 Early Evening Like a Kid at Disney World Amadeus and Devi
09/14 Morning That's My Dad Amadeus
09/15 Afternoon Was I Not Good Enough, Dad? Amadeus, Huruma, Lashirah and Ryans
09/22 Early Evening Tonight We Karaoke In Hell Amadeus, Daphne, Delia, Edgar, Jaiden, Ling, Luke, Melissa, Nadira, Raquelle, Russo, Smedley and Toru
10/01 Afternoon Hair Sample Delia and Ryans
Early Evening Do I Have To Spell It Out? Amadeus
10/07 Early Afternoon Family 101 Delia, Gavyn and Jaiden
10/08 Early Afternoon Friend Date Toru
11/01 Evening A Lovely Night to be a Criminal Brennan
11/08 Night Like Blood In The Water Nick, Shannon, Walsh A Brave New World
11/23 Late Afternoon Exclusive Amadeus and Bella
11/27 Pre-Dawn The Runaway Bride Delia In Dreams
11/29 Morning Rites of Passage Khalid and Walsh A Brave New World
12/05 Evening Ho Ho BOOM! Jason, Lexington, Lucille and Seamus A Brave New World
Night The Cat's Meow Amadeus and Delia In Dreams
12/10 Late Afternoon Racist Terrorist Cardinal
12/13 Afternoon Fair is Fair Khalid and Walsh A Brave New World
12/19 Early Morning Jelly Beans Russo
12/23 Night Human Is First Armond, Clint, Irons, Lockheart, Mayes and Walsh
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