Logs for October 2018

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22 logs posted for October 2018.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
10/01 The Wee Hours Delia Don't Delia, Emily, Huruma, and Lucille
Morning Not a Small Thing Emily and Richard
10/02 Morning An Address Berlin, Lucille, Peyton Hunters
Noon Risk Avi and Robyn
10/03 Early Morning Proverbs 21:15 Berlin Hunters
Late Morning Tattooed Memories Brynn and Hailey
Late Morning Junbi Asi and Zelda
Afternoon Dine and Dash Devon and Emily
10/05 Late Afternoon The Veterans Huruma and Megan
10/08 Noon Unearthed Adam
Afternoon Brave Little Thing Huruma and Weasel
10/11 Pre-dawn Boys Don't Delia, Ghost, Jose and Luther
10/13 Before Noon Forever Gillian, Juniper, and Squeaks
10/14 Night Just A Malfunction Huruma
10/17 Morning Extrajudicial II Choi and Kenner Hunters
10/18 Mid Morning Unsolved Mysteries Squeaks
Late Afternoon The Sins of the Past various, updated later
10/19 Late Morning Spare Ribs Cassandra and Corbin Dark Below
Night Finding a Bloodhound Keira and Tsai
10/20 Noon The Origin of Darkness Corbin, Lance, Niki, Rhys, and Squeaks Dark Below
10/21 Afternoon How Far Keira and Lance
10/22 Noon It's Happening Again Nisatta Fires of Creation
Garden of Forking Paths
10/22 Early Afternoon Die Happy, Verse I Robyn amd Robyn Garden of Forking Paths
10/23 Wee Hours Don't You Forget About Me ???
10/24 Morning Salt & Rust Kenner and Kenner Garden of Forking Paths
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