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quinn_v10.jpg I tremble
They're going to eat me alive
If I stumble
They're going to eat me alive
Can you hear my heart beating like a hammer?
Beating like a hammer…
quinn_v11.jpg Help, I'm alive / My heart keeps beating like a hammer
Hard to be soft / Tough to be tender
Come take my pulse / The pace is on a runaway train
Help, I'm alive / My heart keeps beating like a hammer
Beating like a hammer
quinn_v12.jpg If you're still alive / My regrets are few
If my life is mine / What shouldn't I do?
I get wherever I'm going / I get whatever I need
While my blood's still flowing / And my heart's still
Beating like a hammer / Beating like a hammer
quinn_v13.jpg Let's begin where
The story ends
I'll try to explain how
I lost my friends
I didn't stop when
I knew I should
I've got nothing now
It's gone for good
quinn_v14.png I guess they want me dead
A bounty on my head
I say just let them come
Yeah, bring them on
Are you listening now?
Can I get through somehow?
I've been waiting for so long
This is last year's song…
quinn_timeskip.png Are you listening now?
Did I get through somehow?
When you're finally catching on,
Then I'm gone, like last year's song
I'm not afraid now
It's gone away now
You're on your way now
It is New Year's Day now
And I got through somehow
quinn_v2-1.png I'm just as fucked up as they say
I can't fake the daytime
Found an entrance to escape into the dark
Got false lights for the sun
It's an artificial nocturne
It's an outsider's escape for a broken heart
quinn_v2-2.png My body aches
It heaves, it shakes
All somersaults
Through so-called art
And I still don't know
Exactly who I am
I never will
robyn_v2-3.png I have changed, I have changed
Just like you, just like you
For how long, for how long must I wait?
I know there's something wrong
Your concrete heart isn't beating
And I've tried to make it come alive
No shadows, just red lights
Now I'm here to rescue you.
quinn_paths.png A Sketch For Time's Arrow

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