Logs for September 2019

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8 logs posted for September 2019.

Date Time Title Participants Storyline
09/01 Evening Samnite Ignacio and Marlowe Blood and Sand
09/04 Afternoon Kindred Spirits Ali and Emily Dendrolatry
09/07 Morning A Secret Chord Emily and Zachery
Afternoon Crunchy on the Outside Amadeus and Finch
Dusk Special Containment Procedures Richard and Voss The Dragon
09/09 Afternoon Living Paintings Brynn and Silvia
09/11 Evening One Year Later Brynn, Devon, Emily, Huruma, Geneva, Joe, and Silvia
09/12 Evening Finding More Questions Kaylee
09/27 Night Northern Lights Elisabeth and Richard
From To Title Participants Storyline
09/?? 09/?? Middletown Press Kara
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