London Town



Scene Title London Town
Synopsis Ethan takes his vacation
Date December 29, 2008

JFK International Airport

Despite the increased airline security, courtesy first of the bomb and now of potential local terrorists and the Evolved in general, JFK International still sees a great deal of traffic. A massive number of planes move in and out of its airspace, and even more passengers arrive and depart by them. The buildings are immense structures of steel and glass, although more horizontally stretched than most in New York, which tend to the vertical mode. It is full of shops, restaurants, and people — always the people, from security guards to travelers, thronging the halls in search of food, souveniers, and whichever place it is they're supposed to be.

Not yet complete
"And now our first class and gold members will be boarding…"

Shoving off the pillar he was leaning against the man in the brown jacket with the black backpack moves towards the boarding area. Fishing out his passport and boarding pass once again they are quickly flashed.

"Thank you, Mr. Wells, enjoy your flight."

Moving down the rampway, the Wolf quietly surveys the people on either side of him. Then his eyes wander back out into the terminal…

Once aboard the plane, Ethan Holden quickly moves into the lavatory. The backpack is removed, the door is closed and within mere minutes, Ethan is completely changed. Black cowboy boots, black slacks, a large belt buckle, a black jacket and even a cowboy hat to top it off. Dark sunglasses are donned as he opens the door into the plane. By this time, more passengers are boarding.

"Excuse me, suh, I just got a phonecall. My wife is goin' innta labor, prematurely and I just gotta get off this plane. But I got a seat in first class, if you'd be willin' to take it." Comes the southern drawl from the Brit, to a stranger picked out of the slow moving line. Of course the man obliges, and after Ethan places the black backpack stuffed with the old clothes in the overhead compartments, the black clad cowboy makes his exit back out of the plane. And to a terminal in a very different area of the airport.

"JFK to Philadelphia, enjoy your flight Mr.Weston."

"Thank you kindly, ma'am." A tip of the hat.

Somewhere In Philly

"It's been a long time mate, you show up out of nowhere and want me to fill this list for you in just a few days? No way bruv, can't be done."

"It can't be done by most, Mickey. But you're the best." Comes the gravelly voice of one, Ethan Holden. "I need it all quickly Mick, and you know I'm good for the payment. I'm sorry for the short notice, but it is whot it is, you've got to get it done, mate."

"Ethan, this is fuckin' James Bond shit, it'll take me time, and plenty of cash as well."

"Money I understand Mick. You know I'll get you plenty. Now, you do what needs to be done to get the job done before I got to leave, alright?" The Wolf asks steadily, leaning back.

"A detonator in a fuckin' shoe mate, what the fock are you up to these days?"

"Right Mick. I'll leave you to your work. Where is your bed mate?"

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