Modern Art Or Not


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Scene Title Modern Art or Not
Synopsis In an entirely different setting, Laura and Samantha meet again for the first time.
Date March 23, 2009

Museum of Modern Art

It's a particular Monday night when most folks are home watching the television or playing video games or one of many other available options for their entertainment pleasure. A select few, however have chosen The Museum of Modern Art for their evening's affair. The establishment is not too crowded, but will not be hurting for profit.

It just so happens that Sam's latest pet project has decided to weather this tonight and Sam received a tip, so here she is as well. She is dressed far more elegantly than she might normally be, wearing a white blouse with black slacks and low heels. Her hair is even done up, and there's a light coat of makeup on her face. She wanders looking at each piece, though mostly keep her eye on the one she's tailing. Tonight is not the night, but routines and patterns are definitely a plus with a job like hers.

By some grand coincidence (twice is not yet conspiracy!), the person Samantha stared at across a dark street just two days ago is also here. Then, however, Laura's appearance was largely masked by dark clothing and a pair of binoculars; tonight, she's wearing a long violet gown, not particularly fancy, white-blonde hair combed into neat place and pinned back from her face with two silver barrettes. They match the small silver and amethyst earrings the woman wears. A hint of makeup finishes off her appearance. Well, that and a pair of low-heeled black shoes.

Laura wanders through the gallery with no particular hurry and little consideration for any intended sequence on the part of the show's coordinators. The imp moves from one piece of art to the next one that catches her interest, wherever it might be. Two pieces down from Samantha is a photograph of a African-American woman with orange hair and a green-plaid shirt; Laura stops in front of that one, head tilting to one side as she studies it.

Samantha heads towards the thief unknowingly as she moves in the opposite direction. She really hasn't a pattern here, but it keeping one eye on her target. She stops in front of the same picture that Laura is looking at. "Seems to be a common theme here." she says idly. Not entirely sure if she's just making conversation or talking to herself, though what she says is spoken aloud.

She glances over at the woman, well, she is mostly looking past her. She doesn't clarify her comment either. After a short moment, she actually looks at Laura. She gives an apologetic smile for interjecting her own comment when it probably wasn't needed. "Sorry about that. I tend to talk to myself when I'm out and about. Just ignore me."

Laura blinks over at Samantha. Looks back at the picture. "Oh — I guess so," she agrees, glancing over at some of the other photos on the walls. "I have to admit I wasn't paying attention to the theme," the woman admits with a broad, bright smile. "I was wondering whether or not she looked in the mirror at all that morning," Laura continues, nodding to the painting.

"I meant the theme of art trying to pretend to be art in here." Samantha glances over at Laura, then back to the picture. "I mean — it's not horrible or anything, but I could probably find something similar in a plastic frame at Walmart." She's not crude enough to say it too awfully loud but she does at least let the one standing next to her hear.

"Don't get me wrong, there are quite a few very nice pieces here, but I guess every once in a while you have to dilute the good stuff with poor stuff." She turns her attention back to the one prior. "This one over here I like." It's more of scenic picture with a barn in the middle of a field. There's nothing all that special about it, but it does look nicer than this current one. As she turns from picture to picture, small sparkling hoop earrings catch the light, refracting it.

"Similar enough, anyway," Laura agrees. "But, hey, eye of the beholder and all." She tosses a shoulder in a casual shrug, follows Samantha's gesture towards the barn image. "Hmm…" The pale-haired woman regards it for a moment. "I don't know. I'm a city girl, I have to say; never been much for the country scenes. Though there's some pretty landscapes in the other room."

"Well, I like to look at the horrid stuff before I get to the good stuff. Make me appreciate it more." she grins. She's resorts to just watching the exit now. She's pretty much deduced that her target was dragged here by a girl, who probably thought this would be a nice romantic night. He figures that if he brings her here, he'll probably score tonight.

She's not going to learn anything more tonight. This is obviously not his normal hangout, so she's going to cut him loose for now and enjoy the rest of the museum. She's not much for art, but some of this stuff isn't too bad. "Come around here often?" she asks as she moves down to the next painting. This one is either a tomato garden, or a tea party with overly dressed women. She can't seem to decide which.

"Not really!" Laura replies cheerfully, as she tags along with Samantha to the… what is that, anyway? "I just figured I'd get out and do something tonight, and this happened to be here." The imp wrinkles her nose, and after peering at it for only a brief moment moves on. It's not like the next image is out of reasonable conversation range. "What about you?"

The two seem to fall in to a nice pace as they move from exhibit to exhibit. It seems the neither one even remotely coming close to realizing that this is not the first time they've met. Samantha glances at the next painting. "This one isn't too bad. I would even hang this in my living room." Well, if she actually had a living room. Her studio apartment just barely fits her bed. There were actually a few rather nice paintings that they have passed up. Samantha finds herself wondering if she's in the wrong business. A thief would have a field day in here.

It's an utterly different context from their last encounter — particularly in terms of dress code. Laura certainly doesn't have a clue. "Yeah?" she echoes, looking over at it. "I suppose you have a point," the thief concludes after a suitable period of contemplation. "I wouldn't hang anything that expensive anywhere in my apartment, though."

Samantha nods, with a quirky grin as she maneuvers around the to the next. She glances at her watch and raises her hand to cover a yawn. When she finishes, she apologizes. "I guess that's my cue, I'm afraid." She does offer a small hand. "I never did introduce myself. I'm Samantha." she actually says her full formal name. It just seemed appropriate considering the setting and her dress.

"Laura," the imp replies, cheeks dimpling in a smile as she shakes the proffered hand. Then Laura has the temerity, upon reclaiming her hand, to make a shooing motion at the other woman. "Go on, then. Better get out of here before the pictures put you to sleep. That would be uncomfortable." Grinning cheerfully all the while.

She chuckles as she nods. "I'm afraid my chariot will turn into a pumpkin or some such. Enjoy the rest of your night, Laura." Samantha turns and slips from the museum. It wasn't an entirely worthless evening, but professionally, she didn't learn anything new, that she hasn't already known. She hails a cab, since riding side saddle on her bike probably would have drawn more attention that she would have liked.

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