Need To Know


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Scene Title Need To Know
Synopsis Lawrence wants to know what the deal is.
Date May 14, 2009

Office of Len Denton

Len is usually more on the draw then he was when he went to Minea Dahl's apartment. Unfortunately, the safety of his agent preceded the rest. Of course, now he has to have 'the talk' with Agent Cook. He has already sent him a message requesting his presence. Until then he continues to send out messages hoping that Wireless might intercept, but so far no luck.

Either she's not getting them… or she's ignoring them.

Lawrence sat on the message for part of the day, uncertain what to do next, worried Len knows he knows about some kind of grand conspiracy that may or may not exist. In the end, however, he decides Len probably doesn't know he knows what he knows and opts to come into the office. He's tense, but it's kind of hard to tell, what with the stick up his ass. He knocks on Len's door. He's carrying a gun in a shoulder holster under his suit jacket, but that's nothing unusual at all. "Sir?"

Len is sitting in his chair as Lawrence knocks on the door. He waves him in and towards the chair on the other side of the deck. "Have a seat. Looks like I have some things to tell you — and some things in which I need to instruct you. But before I do, I have a feeling that you have something in your possession that does not belong to you. I'm going to ask that you leave it on my desk before you leave." When Len checked Minea, he did notice her cell phone was missing. He also knows that Lawrence is going to be thorough. "The reason I did not need fingerprints at Agent Dahl's place is that I alread know who was in that room. And if you are the Agent I think you are, I am certain you are aware as well."

Lawrence remains by the door, head cocked, bird-like, and finally steps further into the room. "I have to wonder what sort of Agent you think I am, sir," he says, wariness in his tone, frame held lightly as if poised for flight.

Motioning once again to the chair, Len begins to speak. "I have some cards that I have to play very close to my chest. If I told everone everything that I know, you have no idea what sort of situation that would put me in, Agent Cook. As Senior Field Agent, there is information that I'm privvy to — that I divvy out as I see fit. This isn't a reflection on you as an agent, but I believe that the fewer agents who know everything, the more containment I have on that information. I think you can understand my position."

Lawrence rests a hand on the back of the offered chair, stepping quickly around to perch on it. "I think you can understand why I don't have Agent Dahl's phone with me presently, then. Who was with Goodman?"

Len shakes his head. "If I knew who it was, rest assured, I couldn't tell you. But I am not certain." He has an idea, or at least has it narrowed down to a few select individuals, but he's not going to point the finger without beind sure.

Lawrence considers this for a few moments, sighs, and then says, "It seems I would be better off not asking questions. What things do you have to tell me?"

"Agent Dahl was working a case for me that was kept in the strictest of confidence. I feel a sense of responsibility for her condition. Understand that now that you know what you do, you are also in danger. You need to be very careful from this point forward. If you are approached unexpectedly by anyone within this agency — anyone who ranks higher than myself, I suggest you run. I suggest you run like hell, if you aren't willing to shoot them." Len watches the agent for any reactions to what he has just spoken.

Lawrence purses his lips firmly together, prissily watching Len across the desk. He inclines his head slightly and swallows, Adam's apple bobbing. "Alright."

Len continues. "If at any moment you feel your life is in danger, you should do what you can to protect yourself — and to contact me. Trust me or not, I'm trying to get us out of this mess we have made for ourselves."

"That being said, now that you're involved, I'm probably going to have an assignment for you very soon. So until then, continue to work on your current caseload, because the next time I give you an assignment, it'll take priority."

Lawrence pinches the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes briefly. "Sir. Why is Goodman acting against the Company?"

All the cowboy can do is shrug. "I am not entirely certain. I have a feeling I'm going to be finding out very soon."

Lawrence rests his hands on his bony knees and leans forward, bright blue eyes sharp and intently focused. No telling what he's seeing, if his sight's ramped up right now. His nostrils flare gently. "I might be able to help if I knew what my partner was working on."

"I have already reassigned her case to someone else. There's a possibility that I may have something else that I need you to do that will take advantage of your skills." He shakes his head. "And the case she was working on is really eyes only for those directly working the case." Len leans back in his chair. "I'm not trying to blow you off, Agent Cook. But you have to understand, if there's rogue elements within this organization, I have to be very careful with whom I trust information."

Lawrence eyeballs Len a little longer before leaning back in his seat with a nod. "I understand, sir." He seems pretty calm, except for the way his left index finger is twitching on his pant leg.

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