Never Ending Phonecalls


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Scene Title Never Ending Phonecalls
Synopsis Richards checking in on Abby. Sadly, his attempt to give her a nice long break fail and he tries to help her get back on the vacation bandwagon.
Date July 31, 2009

Telephone lines

In the early evening, a cellular phone currently located in Louisiana rings. The caller ID system reveals that it's Cardinal's phone, although it's impossible to tell if it's really him without picking up. Still, who else could it be?

These days? Could be anyone. The phone has been near the blonde the whole day, likely to the dismay of her mother. Today was when they were - her and Victor - go to New Orleans but after the very early morning phonecalls, she didn't want to stray too far from home.

"Richard!" Tense, unhappy, worried, almost everything negative, instead of the positive cheery voice he would expect, comes over the line.

"Hey there, you," Richard greets in rather more upbeat tones, pausing after the greeting, "Okay, you sound less than thrilled. Who do I have to shoot?" Hey, those tickets were expensive! "Did Victor do something?" It's always a boy.

'No no, Victor, Victors been.. Victors been behaving himself. I thought maybe Flint was having you call, or.. someone" Her family's out rocking on the front porch, everyone trying to relax and not be infected with Abigail's restlessness and worry. Probably a failed effort. The blonde's footsteps carry her to the old wooden swing that's drilled through an old old tree. The creak heard through the line as she sits down. "someone attacked Pastor Sumter last night. I got a call from some guy calling himself Charlie, said some men were after him. Heavens Richard, I haven't heard anything else, I called Flint to tel.. ask him to go see to Pastor Joseph"

"What?" It's a sharp, slightly alarmed tone as Cardinal sits up, "…someone attacked Sumter? Humanis?" It's the logical answer, after all, given that they were the ones who defaced the church. Or sympathizers, anyway, which Richard puts in the same category. "Christ. Did they say where he's at? At home, the hospital…?"

"Home. Home. But I called 911 and I think they got to him. Then I called Flint. I haven't heard a word. I told the ferryman where 'charlie' was and i'm hoping that everything went okay. I pray everything went okay. I don't even know how bad Pastor Sumter's hurt Richard. It had to have been bad, Lord on high I hope he's not dead" The drawl deepens and hard to understand if your not used to it. Could be the emotions could be just that she's immersed back home again. "Was going to New Orleans today but.."

"Liz sent me a text, said everyone's alive and well. It went okay. We read the news here"

"Okay, okay. Just relax, I'll make sure someone checks on him, and I'll give you a call…" A reassuring tone of voice, "If he was in serious danger, I'm sure they would've told you. What exactly did this guy tell you?" Cardinal pauses, "Yeah, it all went well. Only one… loss on our side, really, and it's not anyone anybody else cared about. Mission accomplished, n'all."

'Everyone's worth caring about" Abigail politely and succinctly informs Richard. But she relays then what he wanted to know, about sending the Ferryman to the alley of Old Lucy's, about Charlie and being on the run, everything she could about the call that came hours and hours earlier on a dew laden morning.

"Didn't say I didn't." Just everyone else. Except, perhaps, Logan's best girl. It's complicated. The tale of Charlie's phone call is listened to with the occasional sound of thoughtful understanding, just enough that she knows he's still listening and hasn't hung up the phone. "Shit," he finally says, succinctly.

"What's Shit Richard" Her knuckles have turned white and she looks over her shoulder to her parents, forcing a smile to her face for their benefit before looking away. Thank you Victor for going on your jog.

"Something happened. Tell me"

"What you just told me," replies Cardinal with a hint of anger in his voice, "Must've been Humanis, or sympathizers, the sons of bitches… okay. I'll call some people, have them look into it, try'n find Sumter."

"Who got hurt Richard?" It's a terribly small voice now.

"Tyler Case," Cardinal replies finally, tiredly, "Circa twenty-nineteen. He pretty much sacrificed himself to stop Edward's plan."

That wasn't what she had meant but, that is.. not good news. "May the lord have mercy on him" Abigail whispers.

"May he find the peace he was after," Richard says quietly, silent for a long moment… and then he clears his throat, "He deserved better. Anyway. Look, I have no idea what's up with all that. I can call Liz, have her check the nine-one-one logs or whatever the cops do, see if she can find out what happened."

"please? I'm.. I called flint, and I was.. I wasn't at my best and I think my parents are about ready to throw me in the river and make me tell them what's bothering me. I know Victor is waiting to hear" Abigail spares a peek over her shoulder again as her mother looks away. "Let me know if I need to come home."

"Enjoy your vacation," Cardinal offers, gently, "I'll let you know as soon as I find something out."

She knows the social cues for ending a phone call. "It ended this morning Richard, with the phone call" She scuffs a toe in the long grass. "I'll try" reluctantly promised. "To get back to enjoying it"

"I'll call you soon," Cardinal says, "I've got a lot to do, but I'll make Sumter a priority here."

"Okay" Murmured into the phone back. "God bless Richard" before she pulls the pink phone from her ear, snapping it shut. Her tongue rubs back and forth along the inside of her teeth before she turns and kick the tree with her sneaker feet repeatedly. Tyler Case was dead. The phone is flipped back open, despite the really worried looks now from her parents as she flips through the phone book till she finds Caliban's number and hits send.

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