The bomb tore New York City apart, but that was not all the damage it did. With it, came the knowledge of superpowers to the public eye.

For a long time, the world didn't know what to do with itself as it tried to reckon with and rationalise this new stage of human evolution. Chandra Suresh's Activating Evolution became an overnight bestseller, the term "Evolved" became integrated into the English lexicon, and many more books along the same vein were published within a matter of months, from frauds and scientists and modern-day philosophers alike. Such a powerful phenomenon had to have some kind of explanation, but it was too new and too impossible. It didn't take long for the general public of America to start fearing these people.

The government acted swiftly. A bill was passed detailing that anyone who could call themselves "Evolved" were to get themselves registered. Many opposed this bill, preferring to hide their status as Evolved for fear of persecution, and others simply didn't appreciate what could be considered an invasion of privacy. This created a definite divide between the general Evolved population and the government.

As it stands now, superpowers and abilities are public knowledge, and those that have them are a new minority. While many Humans may fear the Evolved and many Evolved may oppose the government, there are always exceptions and crossing of borders, probably as many opinions on the matter as there are people.

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