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he temptation to create legions of characters can be great, for some. Unfortunately, the risk of inactivity as well as an overpopulated grid can fairly well kill a game. In order to prevent these two factors, String Theory is limiting its players to four Original Characters — up to two of which may be Evolved, and two of which must be non-Evolved.

We also hold to the philosophy that the playing of a Feature Character (FC) is a whole other kettle of fish to playing an Original Character (OC). FCs are pre-conceived concepts that can be reassigned in extreme circumstances, whereas OCs are the intellectual property of the player. For this reason, our policy is that FCs don't count towards the alt limit, and that only one FC can be taken, along with up to four OCs for a maximum total of five characters.

Please note, also, that as of the 18th of September, 2010, we have implemented a three-week policy regarding apping and alts. This means that once you have apped a character and gained approval, you must wait three weeks before attempting to app another character. This also means that you may only have one app in the queue at a given time. This is to ensure that the +request queue runs smoothly, and that concepts are fully thought out before they go to application.

Updated, 4/29/2011

Please note that we are no longer accepting new applicants for the game. New alts for existing players will be treated as such:

  • Players with all five or four alt slots filled out no longer have the option to alt shuffle. No rotating characters out in favour of new characters. You are free to drop characters, obviously.
  • Players with three or less characters may petition for a new character. You must submit a +request with a brief outline of the concept you want, what it may add to the game, and if they are Evolved, a description of the ability.

Please ask staff if you have any questions. The above rules, besides these new policies, still apply, regarding FCs and Non-Evos/Evos.

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