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String Theory: Aftermath allows players to have 5 characters: 2 Evolved, 2 Non-Evolved, and 1 "Feature" character (FC) who may be either Evolved or Non-Evolved.

As of Aftermath, the definition of "Feature" character has changed from the previous version of our game. A "Feature" character is now not specifically a character who has appeared on Heroes, but rather a "Main" character, whoever they may be. Your Feature Character is allowed to have somewhat more versatile and powerful abilities than would normally be permitted, or to have greater resources and connections. Feature characters are still restricted from certain abilities, such as time-travel abilities or multiple-power abilities, and limitations on over-abundant concepts or abilities also still apply.

Some characters from Heroes have extremely powerful abilities and can only be applied as a Feature character. Staff reserves judgment on these cases.

If you do not currently have a FC, or are retiring your current FC, you may promote one of your pre-existing characters to FC status.

Retiring and Rotating Characters

Sometimes a character needs to be retired or rotated out to allow their story to simmer in the background, allowing the player to take on another new character.

If you are retiring a character, you must place a +request indicating what character is being retired and (in estimate) for how long. Once a character is retired, that character's slot is open (Evolved, Non-Evolved, or FC) and you are free to make a new character.

If you are bringing a retired character back, you must also +request the character's return and have an appropriate character slot available.

In Aftermath, when you retire a FC, they are usually retired permanently. This prevents players from cycling through Feature Characters. How this takes shape is decided by agreement between staff and the player.

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