Q: Hey! Why are Linderman, Thompson and Hana on the character list? They're dead!

A: While these characters may be dead in the canon Heroes universe, they are very much alive on String Theory MUX because String Theory MUX takes place in a dark future very similar to that which is shown in the episode "Five Years Gone". Likewise, many of the characters who are still alive on the show (Ando, Micah) are listed as deceased here. For more information about how Linderman, Thompson and Hana averted the fates dealt to them on the show, please visit their character pages or, if interested in applying for one of these characters, please speak with staff.

Q: Can I apply for a character that appears in one of the graphic novels?

A: Staff is accepting applications for characters that appear in the graphic novels on a case-by-case basis. As such, they are not currently listed on the wiki. Speak with staff for details.

Q: Can I apply for a character from Season 3?

A: As of now, the answer is: yes you may! We have included a few of the season three PCs onto our Features listing, and if there is someone unmentioned that you would like to app, do ask. Season four characters are currently restricted until the start and completion of the season.

Q: Which are more important? Original Characters or Feature Characters?

A: Original Characters (OCs) are, by far, a more integral part of the game than Feature Characters (FCs). While FCs are held to a higher standard (see: Features vs. Originals), they are included on String Theory MUX to help flesh out the setting and make it feel familiar to the fans of the show — the players. Part of the appeal of playing on a Heroes-themed game is getting to interact with the canon characters. That said — nine times out of ten — if it comes down to choosing between an FC and an OC for an integral role in a Tinyplot, the OC will be chosen.

Q: I'm a fan of the show and have seen the episode "Five Years Gone" upon which this game is loosely based, but I'm still a little unclear on the setting's details. Help!

A: We recommend reading +news Bomb, +news Abilities, Homeland Security and — of course — +news Theme. If you still have questions after browsing the wiki, please feel free to log in as a guest and query a staff member. You can also try asking over one of the public channels; chances are that one of our current players knows the answer to your question and will be able to help you in the absence of a staffer.

Q: Different character bits are different colors! What does this mean?

A: String Theory's +where and look commands are color-coded. Brown designates a character whose player is currently AFK. Green means that they're IC. Aqua bits are staffers.

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