+news Graphic Content

We consider String Theory MUX to be an R-rated game, but as this is difficult to translate into a written medium, we have provided some guidelines below.

Explicit sexual content should not be posted to the wiki log page, and should only ever be scened in private rooms, if it is to be scened at all. We ask that players avoid soliciting scenes with explicit sexual content, as we have a strict policy against harassment of this kind. Repeated incidences of attempting to solicit sexual RP from players who raise it with staff can lead to banning.

Due to the action-packed nature of a lot of our RP, as well as some thematic overlap with horror, depictions of violence will often push the boundaries of what would be seen in R-rated media. However, if you feel that your scene has an exorbitant amount of graphic violence and gore as a focus of that scene, you may wish to consider a content warning in your summary, or editing it for posting. You should always be aware of the comfort levels of the people you are playing with, so please be communicative about this.

Potentially very triggering content should be warned for in the summary. As a rule of thumb, please warn for themes like suicide and sexual assault if they are depicted or referred to explicitly in the log.

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