+news Harassment

We have one core rule for behavior on String Theory MUX: don't do to other people that you wouldn't want done to you.

This includes (but is not limited to) incessantly paging other players after they have asked you to stop, soliciting other players for RP with graphic content (such as sex and violence) when the other player has made it clear they are not interested, and using abusive language toward other players in an OOC manner.

Repeated instances of harassment may be considered a bannable offense if staff-issued warnings are not heeded.

As a general rule, we expect players of String Theory to be courteous in OOC channels, and there is some behavior that, while it does not constitute harassment per se (unless used repeatedly to provoke), we'd prefer players to steer clear of. One such behavior is @emiting, @pemiting, or spoofing the actions and dialogue of others unless it is abundantly clear that it's acceptable to those involved. We would like to see this avoided if possible so as to avoid conflict and confusion. Thank you for understanding.

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