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The list of restricted concepts has been split into three sections for clarity.


Overdone character types are ones currently present in abundance on the grid. This list can be considered a strong suggestion against applying for one of these concepts, but not full and true restriction. However, applications for characters that fall on this list should have solid justification some fashion from their extant counterparts. Approval might also be easier to come by if the applicants consider whether their character will stand apart from filled "niches" and are unique to the characters that already fill these categories.

  • Characters under 30 with really good fighting/combat/firearm skills
  • Emotional manipulation in any form (chemical, empathic, hypnotic, persuasion, pheromonal, or any other variety thereof)
  • Characters that classify as medical professionals (doctors, nurses, EMTs, street clinics, etc.)

Limited Availability:

Limited Availability concepts are ones that staff will only approve if a strong and well-developed application is submitted. Additionally, only a handful of — in some cases, one or two — characters will be allowed at a time for these concepts; applications may be denied on the basis of overpopulation.

  • Childhood manifestations of Evolved Abilities (i.e. pre-puberty, requires a strong app)
  • Healing (specialized variants of healing, e.g. empathetic healing or life-force manipulation, are not limited)
  • Superhuman Speed (downgraded versions of superspeed or ones with quirky caveats are not limited)
  • Telepathy, in the blanket Parkman style (specialized variants of telepathy, e.g. tactile telepathy or directional telepathy, are not limited)
    • currently at max capacity (for generic telepathy)
  • Probabilty Manipulation


Restricted character concepts are ones that will be denied outright if applied for, generally due to canonicity or power-level considerations.

  • Animal shapeshifting
  • Company agents under 21
  • Immortality
  • Invulnerability
  • Multiple powers, including abilities that enable a character to display multiple powers
  • Necromantic powers
  • OC relatives of FCs (including Adam-relatives)
  • Omnipotence / otherwise being really powerful or really good at everything
  • Power absorption or mimicry (i.e. Peter- or Sylar-type powers)
  • "Rapid Cell" Regeneration (i.e. Adam- and Claire-type regen)
  • Spacetime manipulation (i.e. Hiro-type control of both space and time)
  • Strippers, sex workers, and escorts created specifically and identifiably as a TS vehicle
  • Super assassins
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