Colloquially known as 'the Evolved', although shorthand labels like 'SLC-E' and 'Expressives' are gaining popularity as more politically correct alternatives, those who are SLC-Expressive are individuals with superpowers. These superpowers are manifested from a genetic trait, usually during or after an Expressive has hit adolescence.

Up until 2006, Evolved individuals lived in secret while shadow organisations dating back to World War II, made use of this knowledge for their own gain, whether through scientific exploration or by forcibly maintaining this secrecy for national security.

Mass awareness came about due to cataclysmic violence when one such individual lost control of his abilities and destroyed much of New York City through a devastating nuclear explosion. This, unfortunately, altered public perception on the Evolved so fundamentally that those with any abilities at all suffered regular persecution, not only from their fellow, non-powered citizens but also the American government.

Due to corruption that reached as far up as the White House and profiteered from the extreme oppression and exploitation of Evolved citizens, this divide led to a two-year civil war from which the United States has yet to recover. The outcome of the war saw the corrupt Mitchell regime overthrown and the Praeger administration put in its place, an office that currently seeks to bridge the divide between SLC-Expressives and non-Expressives through fair legislation and inclusion.

Social dynamics are less polarised than they were before; extremists on either side of the spectrum tend to be rarer as America focuses on picking itself back up and putting itself back together again. The Humanis First! faction that enabled the government to turn on its own people has crumbled, with anti-Evolved sentiment existing in disorganised disarray, and it's now considered unpatriotic to uphold the beliefs that Humanis First! once stood for.

SLC-Expressives are more able than they ever were to carry out their lives to the extent of their own abilities, with a Registry that is now voluntary, permits, and even encourages the use of Evolved ability in workforce settings, and has gotten rid of the old organisational structures that ranked Evolved people based on how dangerous they were.


For information on how to write a powerset for application, please visit the Abilities page.

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