Quick Break Down
Staffer Primary Secondary Factions
Brooklyn Headwiz GMing Homeland Security & DoEA
Chinatown Player Relations Wiki-Fu
Ellis Apps NPCing Linderman Group & Ferrymen
Manhattan GMing NPCing Triad, Humanis First, FRONTLINE & Institute
Rockefeller Apps Player Relations Staff
Queens Apps NPCing / GMing Staff
Greenwich Apps Stuff Staff
Rose Code

The String Theory Staff

This is a listing of the current and active staff on String Theory, along with an overview on our areas of expertise and knowledge, what we take control over and what we are here for. We have streamlined our duties into two areas, our Primary specialties and our Secondary specialties. The purpose of this is to give the players (and ourselves!) an idea as to who to turn to for specific issues, questions, and requests.

It should be noted that these are specialties rather than what we only ever do - we share the workload pretty evenly and so the majority of us will look at apps, for instance, or have a handle on most thematic questions. So please feel free to approach any of us about whatever you need. However, the table above and explanations below can serve as an indicator as to our strengths and preferred functions, so hopefully that is helpful.

Our primary function, overall, is to keep the game working and players playing. Our secondary function is to rock.


Brooklyn is current head wiz of String Theory, which basically amounts to overseeing the staff mechanics or lending a voice (or final say) if one is needed. If you have need for her in a headwiz capacity (such as complaints or anything you don't want to put into a +request), then please feel free to contact her via page or @mail. Her secondary specialty is GMing - running scenes of a larger scale, whether in or out of storyline and volume arcs. If you require assistance in scene-running, you are welcome to contact her whether for direct involvement or ideas.

Her key faction is the Department of Evolved Affairs, and if you have any questions concerning it or Homeland Security, a faction that is largely staff run, Brooklyn can strive to answer them or act as an NPCer regarding them. She can also assist with other factions, notably Ferrymen, the Linderman Group and what remains of it, and formerly Vanguard, as well as the informal non-faction that is the crime population.

Brooklyn's NPCs

Name Role Status
Raymond Praeger Secretary for the Department of Evolved Affairs Active
Georgia Mayes Senior Analyst in the Department of Evolved Affairs in charge of the Resettlement Projects, Humanis First insider Active
Katie Sebastian Agent of the Department of Evolved Affairs Active
Nathan Petrelli(s) President of the United States Active
Eric Thompson, Snr. Former Company agent Unknown
Kaito Nakamura CEO of Yamagato Industries Deceased
Samuel Sullivan Carnival leader, time hero Missing
Iago Ramirez Vanguard, Argentinean cell leader Deceased
Michal Valentin Contractor for the US Military, Humanis First operative Active
Malcolm Pitt The Dome creator, Ferrymen refugee Active
Benji Foster Ferrymen refugee, former(?) Department of Evolved Affairs informant Active
Joshua Springsteen The Center Stage security guard, musician Active
Jasmine Dreamwalker Active
??? The Woman ???
Maeve Buchanan Moab escapee Unknown
Tristan Bentley FRONTLINE soldier Deceased
Julian Kuhr Wandering terrorist, formerly PARIAH, Shedda Dinu, Messiah Active
Delphine Kuhr Unknown Unknown

Brooklyn's Availability

According to American, east coast hours…
Sunday - Thursday Barring random evenings of going out into the world for liquor and social animaling, you can expect Brooklyn to be online at around the 10: 30 PM - 11: 00 PM EST range and onwards into the wee hours. The joys of having full-time employment.
Friday and Saturday Round abouts 6 PM EST and onwards, maybe earlier if needed, and again, barring jaunts into real life.
Sunday - Thursday Occasionally, I will be able to get in a little earlier, especially on Thursdays — just ask me.
Post mid-May Major schedule shift of unknown proportions
Post April 3 Hours adjustments due to daylight savings

You can page or @mail Brooklyn in relation to any of the above, or if you simply require a staffer for brainstorming or general help.


Chinatown helps out with Player Relations, the Wikidot, and the catalog of other abilities where all wizards converge and overlap. She is available most evenings, in the timezone CST (EST - 1).

By the first thing, player relations, the reader may take to mean that if or when there is some sort of interpersonal problem involving players or staff, China is probably going to be tapped to assist with a meeting or other mediation, and whereas all staff members will try to make themselves available for consultation with your concerns, she is likelier to have a direct hand in their resolution.

Chinatown has been Wiki-ing for some time now, and while she doesn't know much CSS or server-side, generally she can get layouts looking the way you want and is available to create basic character pages and logs or assist with errors in tags, formatting, linking, etc. For more complex or larger issues such as structuring catalogs or suggestions regarding the Wiki's overall layout, she will be able to forward you to another, more appropriate party.

She also helps fachead players in the infamous knitting circle of terrorists, AKA Phoenix, allied with the Ferry, one of the game's more active pro-Evolved and protagonist factions. If you would like to find a place or pick a fight with the burning bird, help is here.

All that aside, Chi-town has also been known to throw NPC pirates and +requests and applications at players and characters who want them. GM work, theme questions, charting out RP hooks or potential character storylines, creating icons and other Photoshop work, voting in on +requests and reading new character submissions are all within the scope of her duties. You know. The usual stuff.

NPCs Chinatown plays include: Mu-Qian the healer/resurrectionist, Baxter the cop who can FLY, and the artist formerly known as Auggie, storyline as yet unconcluded. She also occasionally puppeteers Noah Bennet and Tyler Case as needed. Also, pirates.


Ellis is the staffer whose primary responsibility is staying on top of player applications and ensuring that they are returned in a timely manner. Players who have a concept in mind but aren't sure if it's thematic or just need some general help with the process should either page or @mail her at their convenience. Presently, she is also the staffer in charge of NPCing Daniel Linderman, Bob Bishop and Angela Petrelli should any of these characters be required for plot purposes. Players seeking to get their characters involved in either the Linderman Group or the Ferrymen should consider initiating contact with her so they can be roped in as desired, but general queries about how to get characters involved in other plot arcs and storylines are always welcome as well. Other active NPCs include: Robert Caliban, Sasha Kozlow and Juliette Wright.

Availability varies between days, but she can most easily be reached after 9 PM EST. If online, consider on-duty.


Forged from solid steel and sixty feet tall, Manhattan brings a galvanized robot justice to the String-Theory administration. Hailing from the distant world of Awesometopia this rock and roll robot dispenses plot and explosions with equal measure. Due to being made of cold and calculating computer parts designed for nothing but the dissemination of story and pyrotechnics, Manhattan does not handle player relations that cannot involve flame throwers or grenades.

Manhattan's iron chassis handles String-Theory's major plot development and is the head designer of most storylines and volume arcs. He is also responsible for the handling of a vast majority of NPCs, including NPCs on request from players requiring ones for a scene. Primarily an indestructible GM made of plotonium, Manhattan will throw story at you until you drown happily in it.

Manhattan's Availability

Week of Jan 30th - February 5th
Sun Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat
Here Here Here Out Here Here Here

Here = Present and available for staff duties and RP.
Partly Here Applies on some Saturdays, means Manhattan won't be around until after 10:00pm
Out Unavailable all day.

Monday-Thurs hours are 6pm - Midnight. Friday and Saturdays likely around until the wee hours of the morning. Sundays out by 11pm at the latest.

All time zones and funny red dots Eastern.

Manhattan's NPCs

Manhattan's NPCs
I'll be updating this later.


I tend to be available at unholy hours, from late night to early morning. Occasionally during afternoons on my randomly distributed days off. Page or mail OK with questions, NPC requests and sex. Especially sex.

Rockefeller's NPCs
Name Faction Description
Boxer None Former Moab prisoner and current fugitive with Rodent Telepathy. Originally from Russia, now employed as muscle on Staten Island.
Calvin ? Former agent of The Institute with a DHS cover. Currently on the lam.
Hector DoEA Formerly on the Vanguard's payroll, currently under the Department of Evolved Affairs thumb. Responsible for robots.
Montag Homeland Security Cryokinetic. Gave up subterfuge and transferred out of The Company to work directly for Homesec.
Trev Channel 4 Weather Morning weatherman and precognitive painter who paid the po-lice off for a non-evolved registry entry.


Rose has largely retired from String-Theory as a staffer, but remains on as our part-time coder when needed!

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