Storytellers are an essential part of String Theory and are here for you, the players. In addition to assisting staff in gamewide plot, fielding questions on +help, and running plots of their own, Storytellers are also available to GM small scenes and handle NPCs for players. Don't hesitate to reach out to them if you have questions or need a GM or NPC.


Robyn specialises in running NPCs as needed, as well as smaller plots focusing on groups of individuals.

Alts: Robyn, Barbara, Iris, Alys - Robyn is always the best to reach for storyteller or NPC related @mails and pages, but sometimes I miss stuff so don't be afraid to poke me about something!

Robyn's Availability

Call Me, Maybe
Sun Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat
Available Available Available Available Available Available Partial
Temporarily out of work so much more available, though I still run tabletop games. I'm typically only logged on if I'm available, so if you need me send me an @mail on Robyn. I personally tend to prefer "live" scenes, but am more than willing to do do scenes via GDocs too!

Available = Present and available for NPC duties and RP.
Partial = Includes days when I run tabletop sessions, during which I am largely unavailable.
Out = Unavailable all day.

Robyn's Current NPCs

Name Role Status
Aislinn Graves (Virus Timeline) Hub Medic and Scav Deceased
Elspeth Graves (Virus Timeline) Hub Teacher Alive
Aislinn Graves (Bright Timeline Pinhearst Scientist Alive
Joss White Member of the Guardians Alive


Lynette is currently running the Hands of Mary plot.

Alts: Monica, Nathalie, Tania, and Reena (Lynette is the best bet for storyteller-related @mails)

Lynette's Availability

Lynette runs on PST (west coast, best coast)

Day Hours
Monday Afternoon and on
Tuesday Afternoon and on
Wednesday Afternoon and on
Thursday Afternoon and on
Friday Afternoon and on
Saturday Hit or Miss
Sunday Available

These are the best time to find Lynette on the Mush, but of course, she is able and willing to RP through GDocs anytime!

Lynette's Current NPCs

Name Role Status
Vör Shedda Dinu member Alive
Jane US Attorney General Alive
Ezra Member of The Hands of Mary Alive
Lexington Staten Island-based Fence Alive
Walker Part of the Guardians Alive
Cora School teacher Alive
Tara Associate of Joshua Lang Alive
Deacon Sedro-Woolley Colony Militia Alive
Jibram Troubled, trouble Alive
Ande Runs a courier service Alive
Miriam Member of The Hands of Mary Alive
Vör Virus Timeline; Vanguard Dead
Ruia Bright Timeline; Pinehearst Dead
Ruia Wasteland Timeline; Independent Dead
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