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String Theory MUX is a role-playing game based on NBC's hit TV series Heroes, which takes place two years after the first season's explosive finale. Our setting is an alternate universe where the bomb exploded, turning New York into a dystopia where — amongst the rubble — Homeland Security wages a covert war against the city's Evolved population with the help of a shadowy organization known to fans of the show as The Company.

To quote the man with the horned-rim glasses, we're "comfortable with morally gray." That is to say: String Theory MUX strives to create a world where there are no clean-cut forces of good or evil. Although the title of the show is Heroes, staffers at this game would actually prefer to see a mix of characters — those who are heroic, those who are villainous, and those who are everything in between.

No knowledge of the show is required to play here, but it's certainly a valuable asset! All information needed to create a character on the game can be found on this site, or on the unofficial Heroes wiki located at: http://heroeswiki.com. If you have any lingering questions about the theme, feel free to ask staff or see who's available on the +help channel. We'll do our best to accommodate any extra needs you may have.

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