Wanted Characters

The following is a list of character types we'd like to see more of on String Theory MUX:

…and also:

  • Characters of questionable morality
  • "Wild cards"
  • Common criminals, potentially affiliated with The Linderman Group in some way
  • Characters with abilities not yet seen on the show
  • Characters who are non-Evolved

Also check out the Adoptables section of the characters page.

NOTE: Emotional manipulation of all forms is currently OVERUSED. So are younger characters (under 30) with really good combat/fighting skills.

References and Points to Consider

If you're looking for ideas on jobs, hobbies, and other character details, check out the interviews on http://www.overlookednewyork.com/index.html.

The following locations are some places on-grid a character might work:

No guarantee is made that every business on this list has an opening at present. Please read the business' page and contact the owner (or staff for places that have no PC owner).

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