SESA Investigation: Dark Below

OOC NOTE: This represents a wall of information/clues/research in the SESA office near Bowie's desk. He has invited others involved to add to it as they like, so feel free to edit this page with any information your agent would be willing to share with the team! This scene has an example of how he uses/alters the wall. Currently, the information is as follows:

Pictures of the crime scene from various angles are stapled to the board

Iris Earhart — Librarian — 28 — Into Books — Excitable (Questioned by Bowie Lin)
Books/newspapers shredded at the Red Hook Market — Result of an ability?
Kid: Will/Bill? — likes books, hangs around the Market — 12-ish — Phaser?

Gillian Childs — Author and Librarian — 31 — Part of the Cooperative (Also questioned by Lin)
Ability allows her to sense other SLC-Es — swelled felt many the night of the theft
(or one in many pieces)
Staten Island — black market selling stolen food? — Eugene Arrowhead needs questioning

  • Sawyer says she'll go out there with me. I think she thinks I'll get shot if I'm alone. - Lin

Savannah Burton — Author — 40 — Questioned by Corbin Ayers.
Corroborates the story of the kid who has been hanging out and seems to come and go at the market.
Also mentioned the bookseller getting their books and newspapers shredded.
Instead of Eugene Arrowhead she mentioned a Eugene Arrowood. Likely the same suspect.

  • Highly likely. Childs seems to be bad with names. - Lin

Eugene Arrowood has a brother. Together they seem to be terrorizing Staten Island.
CI said they were into human trafficking. Can we look into that? Anyone interested in poking the bear?

  • Per Sticky Note in Purple Glitter Ink: Dude! I'm so there… have information on a couple of attempted - Da Coop-mister
    • Another Note in green highlighter: Also… get any more info, send it my way. Pretty please. - Super Cooper

Also, gunrunning.
CI said they don't have a ton of food up for auction, but points toward Crooked Point in Great Kills.

  • And also to a pirate??? named Etienne who might know something about the theft or where the food is being kept. Hopefully not at the bottom of the river.
    • The pirate is not helpful. - Lin
    • Pink sticky note written in a combination of pen and pencil: in pen: Maybe you should have offered him rum? In Pencil: or a jar of dirt? - Cooper-ific.

Gilbert "Tuck" Tucker — Market Coordinator/SZC Watch — 47 — Questioned by Elizabeth Messer.
Niki Zimmerman — SZC Citizen's Watch — 43 — Questioned together with Tuck by Messer.
Eugene Arrowood was there the night of the theft looking for people to buy things for him.
The kid, Will? Likely coerced if he had a hand in it. They've never seen him get into any trouble.
Also, be nice to the kid.
Vents are too small for a person, but Tuck heard something in them on the night of the theft. However…
There are no vents leading directly into the food storage area.

Tasha Renard-Lazzaro — Lawyer — 26 — Questioned by Cesar Diaz.
Heard about food thefts the day after, was not present at scene of incident.
Most likely done by SLC-E individual with a way to get in/out without breaking down doors or picking locks. Phaser? Teleportation?
Kid, 11-12 years, Italian, walks through walls. Other kids talked to him.
Girl, teenager, tall, thin, brunette. Teleporter. Rumors of pickpocketing at market. Possibly same as 'Eimi', friend of Brynn? Tuck might know the girl. Follow up?

Jonathan Smith — Teacher (K-1) — 46 — Questioned by Cesar Diaz.
Was at the market on the day of the theft, but gone before the incident occurred.
Described a strong sewage smell present.
Saw a young male, approx. 11 years, walked through wall before he could talk to him. Wanted to make sure he wasn't homeless.
Questioned him about teleporter girl, but no positive ID.
Stated Eugene Arrowood was at the market (unsure of date) with brother, drunk and disorderly. "Couple of troublemakers, those two."

Booksellers: probably a raccoon or rat using their stock to make a nest. Sad, but unrelated.
Witnesses around the market didn't see much, but smelled sewage? The nesting animals might be down there.
Contact the city about checking for leaks. Forget that, check for clues instead, before the city stomps all over it. -Lin
Otherwise quiet on the night of the theft.

  • So where were the SLC-Es that Childs sensed?

Will confirmed as a regular presence at the market for about six months, comes by after sunset. Hard to pin down.
Might talk to a civilian. One witness said I "looked like a badge". :(
Other kids presences: Joseph Winters — 18 — Impenetrable Skin AND Lance Gerken — 18 — Selective Acoustic Field Generation

  • These two appear to be attempting to investigate the stolen goods. Contact them.

A picture of Lance Gerken is stapled to the board next to one of Joe Winters

Gerken & Winters — Interviewed by Bowie Lin
Agents: Keeps eyes open for these two. They're likely to be poking around areas related to the investigation. Try to keep them out of harm's way.
They have a good theory that works well with the sewer angle (as a possible passage for goods) — need to check that location.
It's gonna be so smelly :( :(
The boys theorized a terrakinetic could have opened the floor of the storage and closed it back up after.

  • Unrelated: Are SESA agents able to write college recommendations? - Lin
    • Pretty sure we can. Could always give the recommendation as a request for education for potential field agents. It sounds like these kids would be good at it and they're not much younger than Rhys. - Corbin
      • Good idea. Thanks C. - Lin

Checked out the sewers. Not great. Give me an hour, I'll update.
Found evidence of the food just underneath the storage area. No idea how it got through the damn floor. Also, it's all been eaten. It looked like the morning after a frat party down there. Pictures uploaded for reference.
Will, the boy seen around the market, is dead. He wasn't a phaser, he was a leftover psychic projection. He led us to his body. It looked chew up. He didn't die easy. Photos uploaded.
I'll see if I can contact the boy's next of kin.
He was wearing a necklace. When we're done here, let's see about sending it to his family.
I don't know what this has to do with the food. Maybe nothing. I need a stiff drink before I can start to make sense of any of this. (Bluthner: I owe you a few rounds.)

  • Gerken and Winters were present. They were shaken. Gerken was talking about ghosts and giant rats. If anyone knows how to convince teenagers to stop traumatizing themselves, I'd appreciate the help.
    • A sticky note is stuck here… the writing in sharpie: Get them a puppy? <insert crappy dog drawing here> - King Cooper
      • Hopefully real dogs are cuter than that. - Lin
  • Will take Baumann to investigate further in sewers. Get me a map copy. - Diaz
    • It'll be on your desk. Check out the food scraps. Not sure if Baumann wants to check out the kid. - Lin
    • Don't want to, but will. he might have answers that we need.- Cassie

The Linderman Act Registration card for William DeLuca is inside an evidence bag and taped up to the wall.

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