NPC Roster

This is a list of the NPCs who are or have been in play on String Theory MUX.

Role: The group(s) an NPC is associated with and what they do for them.

IC Status: Field for noting whether a character is out of town or otherwise unavailable for RP.

Contact: Who to go to for more information on the character and/or to request a scene with them.


Original Creations:

Original NPC Role IC Status Contact
Adel Raven Darrow-Diego
Alistair McKeon
Anders Stuart
Andrew Mitchell
Angel Juan Delgado
Annika Jacoba DeVries
Aoi Housen
Aria Baumgartner
Astor Loukas
August Christinel in Las Vegas
Benjamin Ryans, Jr.
Billy Timm
Brandon "Mouse" Murphy Ferrymen semi-member Rose
Brandon Timm
Brenton Black
Bruce Maddox
Butch Goodspeed
Calvin Sheridan
Carla Dove
Carol Praeger
Charity Thornton
Charles "Chuckles" Delgado
Chester Laran Wade
Claudia Zimmerman
Claudius Kellar
Colin Verse
Colonel Leon Heller
Daiyu Feng
Dan Schwimmerfarb
Daniel Hernan Espenosa
Daniel Warrington Knight
Darla Hurst
David 'Shaman' McRae
Delphine Kuhr
Dema Gataullin
Desmond Harper
Diane Fielding Judge Staff or Elisabeth
Doctor Jean Martin Luis
Donald Renner
Dr. Astrid Ross
Elijah "Doc" Carpenter Moab Escapee Working with Norman White Manhattan
Elijah Prescott
Elisabeth "Libby" Case
Erim Former _pariah lieutenant, former _shedda-dinu lieutenant unknown Rose
Flora Anderson
Fred Drecker
Gavin Montag away on Company business
Gideon d'Sarthe
Giovanna Civella
Gregory Armond
Gregory Fritz
Hannah Kirby
Hector von Stahl
Ingrid Ryans
James Muldoon whereabouts unknown
Jameson "J.J." Jones
Jared Harrison
Jason "Bedlam" Toomes
Jason Mines
Jean "Harlow" Aniston
Jericho Powers
Jolene Petrelli
Jonas Zimmerman Geneticist Missing In Action Manhattan
Jordan Baxter
Joshua "Cameron" Harrison
Josie DeVries-Perry
Juliette Fournier
Juniper Whitmore Lighthouse Kid Alive Queens
Juwariya Dunsimi
Kasha "Cash" Beauchamp
Kathleen Brooks
Katie Sebastian
Khalid Sadaka
Kincaid Russo
Lawson Finney
Len Denton
Lighthouse Kids
Lily Adams
Liu Ye
Lucas Eldridge
Mackenzie Mihangle II
Maddie Hart
Malcolm Pitt
Manny Calevera
Marcus Donovan Retired NYPD Chief of Department Running for Mayor of NYC Manhattan
Marie d'Sarthe
Marien Polk
Mayor Harry Bianco
Michael Green
Michal Valentin
Michelle "Chelle" Kaneda
Misaru Hayashi
Naomi Mitchell
Nisha Reshimi Kotecha, Esq.
Noa "Nora" Gitelman
Oliver Wilson
Olivia Roland
Owain Griffin Mihangle, Jr.
Pete Varlane
Raymond Praeger
Reynold "Rey" Helms
Rhys Blüthner
Richard Kenneth
Ricky Daselles
Robert Boxer
Robert Caliban
Rosco Riggs
Sabra Dalton _company lead supervisor Rose
Sadie McEwan
Salem Mayhew
Samantha Lee Tanner Serial Killer, responsible for Columbia 14 Manhattan
Samuel Irons
Sandler District Attorney for NYPD Headquarters Staff
Scott Harkness
Simon Broome
Sophie Isabelle Barton
Daughter of Deceased Founder, Paula Gramble and Director Balfour. ||
In Seattle, Washington ||
Manhattan ||
Stephen Volunteer coordinator at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and Ferrymen associate Rose
Susan Ball
Sylvia Lockheart
Tamsine Whitaker
Terrence Knowles
"The Nightmare Man" Stalker of dreams Unknown All Staff
"The Smoke Man"
Thomas Redhouse
Trev Teasdale
Walter Trafford
Wenzhuo Zhao
Wiley Schnook
Yvette Volken Vanguard Member, Daughter of Kazimir Volken Missing In Action Manhattan or Rose
Zachary Stone
Zhang Bai-Chan
Zhang Mu-Qian

Deceased FCs:

Feature NPC Role Final Appearance Contact
Albert James Rossling The Beginning of the End, Part II
Arthur Petrelli
Carlos Mendez Company Founder, hermit Megaera Brooklyn
Chandra Suresh
Like Icarus || ||
Harold Fletcher Company Founder, surgeon Alecto Ellis
Ishi Nakamura
And Then There Was Light || ||
James Martin
United We Stand, Part III || ||
Kaito Nakamura Company Founder, CEO of Yamagato Industries Beyond Today Brooklyn
Linda Tavara
Quietus V || ||
Maury Parkman Here Comes The Night
R.Ajas (aka Micah Sanders)
Susan Amman Company Founder City of Angels Ellis
T.Monk Revolutionary, Disembodied Technopath
A Virtual Thermopylae || Manhattan ||
Victoria Pratt Company Founder, developer of the Shanti Virus strains Tisiphone Rose or Manhattan

Deceased OCs:

Original NPC Role Final Appearance Contact
Agent Stephen Verse When Lightning Strikes, Part II
Akado Ichihara
Truth and Punishment, Part VI || ||
Albert Paulson
Truth and Punishment, Part V || ||
Albert Winslow
All Debts Repaid || ||
Alison Meier Checkmate - Fade to Black
Allen Rickham
United We Stand, Part III || ||
Amid Halebi
Arkfall, Part IV || ||
Andy Rourke
Read The Fine Print || ||
Aude Castalides
Sundown, You Better Take Care || ||
August "Auggie" White Operation Lantern: Blind Spot
Azrael The Angel of Death
Bianca Karina
The Beginning of the End, Part II || ||
Bill Dean
Thicker Than Water || ||
Bryan Buckley
Captain Adelle Sanderson
United We Stand, Part I || ||
Carolina Perez
Christian "Kris" Bender Moab Escapee
United We Stand, Part I || Manhattan ||
Damon Serrato
Darren Jay Stevens
Arkfall, Part IV || ||
Darryl Lincoln
To The Source, Part II || ||
Detective Daniel Montgomery Walsh
A Knife For Every Back, Part II || ||
Doctor Dmitri Gregor
Down In Flames, Part II || ||
Edmond Rasoul
Scorched Earth, Part III || ||
Edward Ray
One Last Time || ||
Else Kjelstrom
Chokepoint || ||
Gracie Lee
Good Intentions, Part V || ||
Grant Fitzpatrick
The Beginning of the End, Part II || ||
Howard Phillips
Quietus IV || ||
Iago Ramirez
N/A || ||
Jacob Stack Whatever Happened, Happened
James Alton
War Economy, Part II || ||
James Nelson
Old Flames || ||
James Woods Former _company agent
Five Minutes to Midnight || Manhattan ||
Jennifer Chesterfield
One Missed Call || ||
Jonas Regan
Not That Country Anymore || ||
Juliette Fournier
Chokepoint || ||
Juliette Wright
United We Stand, Part I || ||
Karen Lau
Dirty Little Secrets || ||
Karl Former PARIAH leader A Kiss Good Night Rose
Kira St.Croix
Net and Pin, Part II || ||
Cracks In The Ice || ||
Larson Riggs
Kshatra || ||
Lorraine Fournier
Chokepoint || ||
Martin Crowley
The Beginning of the End, Part II || ||
Mary-Anne Stack Ouroboros, Part I
Mason Andrew Chesterfield
Checkmate - The Black Knights || ||
Melinda Former PARIAH lieutenant Rose
Norman White From Such Great Heights, Part II
Oleander Thespuda
Not That Country Anymore || ||
Patrick Hale
No Deceit in Death || ||
Paula Gramble Company founder Burning at Both Ends Ellis or Manhattan
Rami Lasul Hollingwood The End of an Era
The Second Sun || ||
Rico Velasquez
Midnight, Part I || ||
Risa Lynette Moab Escapee
United We Stand, Part I || Manhattan ||
Rupert Carmichael
United We Stand, Part II || ||
Ruth Crow Dog
All Your Rage || ||
Sarisa Marlene Kershner
It's Been Fun || ||
Sebastian Curtis Autumn
??? || ||
Song Ye
Stephanie "Stef" Winters November 19, 2009
Tristan Bentley
Vladimir Alfonse Volken
William Harvard
Wright Former doctor at Moab Federal Penitentiary Manhattan
Yancey Former Vanguard associate Brooklyn or Brian

NPC Casts:

'A Sound of Thunder' Alternate Timeline

'In This Twilight' Foreign Travel

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