Old Dog, New Trick



Scene Title Old Dog, New Trick
Synopsis …but they can surprise you.
Date January 31, 2019

Fort Jay

Governor's Island

January 31st

12:12 pm

Heels click loudly on the tiled floor of Fort Jay's long halls.

File folder under one arm, Madeline Choi walks with a purpose to her next meeting of the day, having just left one new agent behind her. Reorganizing SESA in the wake of Kenner's firing is her first real task as executive-director, and she has taken to it with a dynamic energy. On reaching the glass door to the conference room, Choi slips inside and regards the tall man standing by one of the windows with marked suspicion and uncertainty. "You're early," she says with a tension in her voice, "were you not instructed to wait in the lobby?"

He turns, smiling apologetically. "Sorry, your man out front told me which conference room to go to, he must not have noticed me slip away." Choi slowly closes the door behind herself with a hydraulic hiss and a soft click.

"Of course," Choi says as she motions to a chair, sitting down only when he does. "So, I just spoke with Benjamin Ryans, and he's agreed to come on board for this task force. Officially, he'll be a consulting agent, much as we've offered you." As she says that, Madeline opens a folder and slides it across the table, displaying a surveillance photograph of Adam Monroe on a cell phone as the first thing revealed. The man seated across from her raises one brow at the photograph, then looks up to Choi. "That photograph was taken last month outside of Los Angeles, California in the Dead Zone. We got some intel from sources at Wolfhound that confirm that Mr. Monroe may be operating through a series of proxy clones, much like how the Institute had multiple copies of Simon Broome by manipulating— "

"The Dumont System," he interjects, "I figured as much. Adam's always been one to turn science into a weapon. Are you familiar with Project Hydra?" Choi's brows raise, not anticipating that he was. "My estimates are that Monroe has coupled that project with some sort of cognition transference, allowing him to effectively replicate the process the Institute was using with Doctor Carpenter and Julien Dumont." He flips the photograph over, looking at the documents beneath, eyes narrowing.

"As you no doubt understand, it's going to make tracking him down harder," Choi opines as she folds her hands and sits forward in her chair. "You and Benjamin have the most combined knowledge of Adam Monroe outside of his former associates, which means you're leverage we don't otherwise have access to. Is working with Ben Ryans going to be a difficulty for you?" He considers her question, both brows raised, and then flips to the next page of documents and photographs showing a series of identical young women. He squints, briefly, then looks up to Choi with a silent and inscrutable stare.

For a moment the silence lingers, unanswered. Then, as he closes the file there's a slow shake of his head. "Your terms are acceptable, and I assume this means I'll be able to walk away from the charges leveled by the tribunal in Albany?" Choi's mouth presses into a thin line, and she nods.

"That's the arrangement I've been authorized to make. Either way you're permitted to walk out these doors a free man. What happens to you afterward— " Choi is cut off, the folder pushed back across the table toward her.

"I'm in," is his simple response, and Choi lets out a long-held breath. She wasn't expecting the meeting to be this brief, or this simple. But the paperwork involved in bringing someone like this into the fold may yet take days and weeks to resolve. But one thing is absolutely certain as she stands up and offers her hand across the table.

"Welcome to SESA…"

Things are going to change.

"…Mr. Bennet."


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