Philosophy And Popsicles


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Scene Title Philosophy and Popsicles
Synopsis Adam and Bryan briefly pontificate their philosophies while the former is in his cell and the latter eats a popsicle.
Date September 2, 2008

Cell Block A, Primatech Research

Life in a fishtank. That's the sort of life that poor Adam Monroe has been living for the last few decades, at least as far as he's concerned. A single-room life that has just a single big window so he can be stared at like a fish. Well, it's not a minnow that lives in /this/ tank - it's a shark. The regenerator is currently seated at his table, reading an extremely worn copy of Emerson's works. His current selection is a copy of the essay on Self-Reliance. It could even be a sign. Truth be told, though, the man is just bored.

It's a common theme, at least in this part of this Primatech building. Bryan Buckley has been wandering about without meeting much resistance. With one hand in the pocket of his Dockers and the other holding the stick to a popsicle he's working on, the shadowing serpent of a man comes to a stop outside the fish tank-like cell the immortal regenerator has undoubtedly not called "home" for at least as long as Bryan has been a member of The Company's team. But Bryan doesn't speak as he eyes the occupied inmate. He only stares, his own expression one of utter boredom.

Adam lets Bryan wait and stare for as long as it takes to finish the page he's on, not really being one to allow a Company operative to spoil his fun. Once the last sentence is finished, though, he looks up and purses his lips thoughtfully. "Need something, friend? Or are you just not used to seeing people reading? I understand this place has gone very far downhill since the last time I came about."

"Oh, I don't know," Bryan says in an easy tone, his voice devoid of any distinguishable accent. "Doesn't seem to be too bad off, considering." And there is a lot to consider. Bryan is silent for a few more moments, and then he lifts his popsicle away form his face. Grape. "They didn't have this flavor a few years ago. That's an improvement. You can't discount the little things."

Hmph. "They didn't have /you/ a few years ago either. The 'little things' aren't exactly entertaining after you've been exposed to them over the course of centuries." Adam closes his book and slides it back onto the table, his chair screeching quietly against the floor as he rises and starts meandering towards the window. In no time at all he's standing toe-to-toe with Bryan, barring the wall between them. "If you really wanted to see something interesting, you'd open this door."

Bryan doesn't flinch, but he raises both eyebrows as he locks his gaze with Adam's. "That /would/ be interesting. I'd be cut loose, no doubt. If you don't kill me. But I don't think my chances are very good as far as that goes." He smiles then, but it is wry and restricted to one corner of his mouth. Still, it is enough to show one of his sharpened canines.

Adam is Not Impressed by the pointy teeth. He's seen weirder in his lifetime. he lifts one hand and then raps his knuckles smartly against the glass, a curl-edged smile coming to his face. "Terribly smart for a man protected by concrete and glass, sir. I beg you to remember that no barrier and no man can hope to hold me forever."

With respect, though it is hard to measure how much, Bryan bows his head and closes his eyes for a moment, toasting Adam with his half-finished frozen treat. "Remembered," he assures, but that half-smile doesn't leave his face. "But you have forever, don't you? It would be foolish to think, to be so presumptuous to believe, that any of us do." Bryan leans his face a bit closer to the glass, and his half-smile becomes a full one, teeth gleaming against his dark skin. "But it would be just as presumptuous for you to let the notion that there will not be others who will take up our manteks and who won't find new cells for you to inhabit until the sun stops shining above us all, alive or dead."

"Yes, but soon enough God will rain fire down on all of your heads, and I'll simply walk right out. You've already managed to have a city explode. The entire coast might be next. I'll survive, and you'll be crispy." This is said with a smile and a wink, and then Adam turns back towards the room to take a quick survey of things that could entertain him for a time. Nothing particularly pops out but the bed looks rather inviting, and so he heads towards it. "Don't worry, Company man. You'll get your due."

These words silence Bryan for a moment, but he thankfully has something to excuse his lack of retort for a moment. The popsicle is reduced to just a stick in a matter of moments, leaving Bryan licking his lips in thought. "Is that really the future you dream about? You? Alone on the surface of a charred world with only the cockroaches to keep you company?" That smile returns, and Bryan backs away from the glass a few steps. "But I guess that's just. Birds of a feather…"

"The future I dream about," muses Adam as he flops down onto the mattress while tucking and folding his hands behind his head, "involves a world cleansed. You and your fellows are doing a pretty poor job of it so far." There is no rising to the bait of name-calling; Adam is beyond that. At least when he's got the upper hand. "Stop fearing the inevitable and you'll be much happier with your life."

Bryan pauses then, looking back through the glass. He's silent for another moment, then smiles congenially. "Do you want a grape one? Or are you a cherry man?" Bryan studies his bare stick as he continues, "it is inevitable that the grape will run out, and who knows how long it will be before someone decides to get more. But it's not something I fear. It is something I will accept in stride." He lowers the stick to look at the man behind the glass again, his expression serious. "I won't last forever, but until I stop breathing, I'll do my duty. They say wisdom comes with age, like flavor to wine, but I think yours has turned to cynical vinegar." Shaking his head, Bryan smiles again. "I pity you and your lack of hope in our cause."

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