Led by Everett Hicks
Parent agency The White House
Known agents/employees Matt Parkman, Operations Coordinator; Howard Lemay
Danger assessment Extreme
Constitutionality score Low
Electronic contact info

Timeline and Notes

The SLC Test

Manufacturer These tests have many makers. DHS issued contracts with several corporations to produce the tests, and the work is occurring in many labs across the country.
Availabilty On the open market, cost unknown. Kits for mandatory tests are being provided at no charge to the recipient organizations, at least for now.
Purpose Detecting the presence of or potential for Evolved abilities.
Operation By pricking a finger for a drop of blood as with a blood sugar test. The drop of blood is tested with a reactive pad. The SLC makes it turn red.
General assessment Avoid being tested if at all possible. A red pad means being registered and possibly imprisoned if DHS decides to charge you with evasion for not already being registered.

The Registry

Tier 0 For people judged not to be dangerous.
Tier 1 For people judged to pose minimal danger.
Tier 2 For people judged to pose a potential serious danger.
Tier 3 For people judged imminently dangerous. Anyone who was confined to Moab is listed on Tier 3, but not everyone on Tier 3 was at Moab. Tier Three is kept secret from the public, its existence is even hidden from members of law enforcement.
General assessment The Registry is a corrupt list, entirely subjective and dependent on the views of bureaucrats who compile it. They are enabled to place any person where they see fit with or without justification.


See entry for Moab Federal Penitentiary under Items.

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