Hokuto Ichihara (DHSc) (D)
Ability Dream Manipulation
Status Dead
Affiliation Former Company Agent
Danger posed None now
Occupation Bookstore owner, Roosevelt Island
Aliases The Nightmare Entity

Timeline and Notes

This is an entity which enters dreams and affects their course. It remains undetermined if the person is alive with a physical body or deceased and traveling. The entity manifests in dreams it invades and taps into the Shadow, a thing defined in Jungian terms as all the target's doubts and fears, everything a person hates about oneself, but also the worst parts of the self one doesn't like to acknowledge. Control of it is seized and used to force surrender to one's fears.

Each Shadow, however, has an opposite force in the dreaming mind. A Persona, or Patronus, which represents all the things one likes about the self. The target mind's best qualities. If under attack, this can be invoked by force and strength of will to drive the invader out.

The entity's goal is suicide by the invaded person. Most attacks on people not taught how to resist end with the target at the very edge of suicide, more often than not prevented from success by outside intervention. It is not known how many targets have killed themselves, nor how long the entity has been operating.

There are three known methods of resistance: Monitored sleep, invoking the Persona, and assistance from one or more other dreamwalkers. Hokuto Ichihara has been fighting the entity for some time, and has reportedly created passages by which persons not graced with dreamwalking abilities may still enter the minds of others to give assistance. A cadre of people have been recruited in this effort, among them Helena Dean after she herself survived an attack.

There are dangers to entering another's dreaming mind: Telepaths are capable of trapping invaders and visitors within their own minds, leaving the original body unable to take care of itself and eventually die unless discovered and tended to for however long is necessary. If a target of the entity dies, it's very possible any dream visitor will die too.

A dream visitor may present itself in whatever form it chooses, to either blend with a dream or stand out, but is likely not able to shift conditions in the dream. Assistance is given by interacting with the target, the target's Persona, and the Shadow to repel the attack. One's SLC ability may be employed in the dream visitation, and in one's own dreams. It is said control of powers in dreamscapes may be better than while awake.

Hokuto Ichihara and Angela Petrelli are said to have faced this entity directly in the past and achieved some measure of success, making it become dormant for a span of years. There is no known pattern to the entity's attacks, they seem random. However, it is more likely to invade the minds of SLC persons than those without it, and among holders of the SLC Refrain users are particularly attractive to it. It appears as a faint blue glow to outside minds, and makes the target more vulnerable to manipulation once invaded.

January 29, 2010: Hokuto Ichihara dreamvisited a group of people and gave a seminar covering the above facts. She also shared a belief this entity was responsible for the mass suicides of the Thirty-Five. Plans are being formed to combat and destroy the entity in a permanent way; for now resistance strategy is for those briefed people and others as they're recruited to enter dreams and confront it directly.

February 2, 2010: Hokuto Ichihara drew three individuals into the dreaming mind of a teen under attack from the entity. During the encounter which followed, it was demonstrated not necessary to encourage and boost the dreamer to expel the attacker on her or his own. No Persona was seen to manifest. The response team was able to engage and win the battle directly. It remains a matter of speculation as to whether or not the invader was cast out or chose to depart for seemingly greener pastures, but it did vanish from the target's mind. It is possible the entity is vulnerable and subject to telepathic commands: the victory was sealed after a telepathh ordered it to leave and not come back, also making the motion of a key turning in a lock.

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