Pinehearst Research, Inc.
Led by Arthur Petrelli
Affiliated with Frontline
Sphere of operation Biochemical research involving the SLC.
Known associates Adam Monroe, Doctor Alison Meier, Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, Jennifer Chesterfield, Mason Chesterfield, and Roger Goodman
Danger assessment Eliminated
Electronic contact info None

Timeline and Notes

This was a business, ostensibly owned by Morgan Dietrich who headed its branch in Hamburg, Germany. The truth, however, is the firm was taken over in 2006 by Arthur Petrelli after his death was faked. Arthur then began to assemble people known to him and pursue clandestine research projects aimed at gaining and solidifying political power for himself.

The US Headquarters at Fort Lee, NJ were destroyed in the July 2009 raid to stop Arthur's activities, and the company itself is now under intense Federal investigation.

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