The Vanguard
Led by Kazimir Volken
Affiliated with None
Spheres of operation International crime and terrorism
Known current members Anya Orlova, Carlisle Dreyfus, Doctor Aleksandr Koslow, Feng Daiyu, Mikhail Wagner, Unknown African Man, and Wu-Long
Known dead members Grigori Zhukovsky, Unidentified Female, Robbie Dreyfus, Juan Carlos Rivieria, and Michael Garland
Non-hostile former members Amato Salucci, Eileen Spurling, Elias (unknown surname), Ethan Holden, Gabriel Gray, Lucrezia Bennati, and Odessa Knutson
Danger assessment Extreme
Electronic contact info

The Overall Vanguard Plan

The Vanguard, an organization formed soon after World War 2 by Kazimir Volken, had the original goal of eliminating people with the SLC from the world. They crossed paths with Phoenix in October 2008 after Kazimir killed Cameron Spalding, and captured more of our attention after kidnapping Eileen Spurling led to the retaliatory abduction of Cat Chesterfield and Dani Hamilton, which resulted in Dani's murder by Ethan Holden.

Under the direction of Kazimir Volken, Vanguard actions and plans in New York City included:

  • Committing acts of terrorism designed to spread general fear and frame pro-Evolved organizations for their crimes.
  • The abduction of Cat Chesterfield and Danielle Hamilton by Ethan Holden and Odessa Knutson. Dani was tortured and deprived of all digits on her left hand. Cat was traded for Eileen Ruskin, who'd been held captive by us. Dani was slain by Ethan after we were unable to either find her or complete an impossible, unconscionable trade.
  • The attempted assassination of Allen Rickham, President-elect. Intervention and Rickham's evolved ability blocked this plan, but very nearly outed him as Evolved to the public.
  • Placing explosives designed to bring down all bridges leading from the city in preparation for the main plan. By use of a teleporter and a camera, we were able to locate the charges. With the assistance of Anne Williams for transport, Elisabeth Harrison for sound suppression, and Darius Johnson of NYPD Scout's forcefields, the explosives were removed with minimal disruption to city life.
  • Stealing a lethal virus and mating it with another agent, which created a pathogen capable of killing ninety percent of the world's population. The virus source was a Primatech Paper facility at Odessa, Texas.
  • Gaining entry to several locations in New York City, Jersey City, and offshore vessels from which to launch that lethal virus by mortars. One of those locations was also furnished with a tank. All had a large team of armed personnel engaged in preparations. The overall effort, and desired result, was once termed The Flood by Gabriel Gray. This plan was blocked by our actions on January 28, 2009. For more information, see the entry for Anti-Virus Operations listed under Events.

Targets Of Attention

From electronically bugging Flint Deckard, the Vanguard gained basic information and probable suspicion about the following locations and persons:

Name Intelligence
Brian Fulk Works at the Nite Owl, may be associated with PARIAH/Phoenix
Abigail Beauchamp Healer, frequents the Nite Owl
Helena Dean Probable figure of authority at PARIAH/Phoenix

The Vanguard is also known to have taken interest in:

Name Intelligence
Flint Deckard Vanguard informant turned Phoenix informant. Currently in hiding at a Ferrymen safehouse under a new identity
Felix Ivanov FBI agent, former contact of Deckard's, recently killed by the Vanguard
Colette 'Demsky' Ivanov's personal associate
Judah Demsky Ivanov's personal associate
Gillian Childs Civilian and Evolved power amplifier, former housemate of Sylar.

Global Vanguard Resources as of January 2009

Resources (data provided in large part by Wireless)

  • Military hardware, a decommissioned missile silo in Nevada, properties in the western US and Europe, a warehouse in Providence, Rhode Island, two cargo ships purchased from Brazil in 1997 (This section also contains images of various documents related to those resources, in specific the now defunct accounts with a Russian satellite phone company and the deed to the Providence, RI warehouse. There are other documents related to those assets, all tied to the name of Richard Santiago.)
  • Connections with Mexican drug-runners and pirates, and a great deal of money — more than the GDP of quite a few small countries — once held by Swedish banks on Kazimir Volken's behalf. Those funds have been raided and dispersed.
  • The Volken Group has hundreds of personnel worldwide.
  • Biochemical hardware: hazmat suits, mortars capable of dispersing a biological agent, refrigeration units.

Doctor Ray's Exhibits

These items below were apparently sent to Edward Ray by a future version of himself.

  • Scanned photographs from several angles, featuring a pair of glasses matching those the man currently wears. They have circular lenses with wire frames, bent slightly at the middle making them just a little crooked. The right arm of the glasses looks to have been repaired by electrical tape, and there's three small notches on the top of the right lens which look like chips in the glass.
  • A photo of a tank. There's a soldier in a gray uniform sitting on top of it with no military insignias, he's holding an automatic rifle. There are a pile of bodies stacked up neatly in front of the tank. At first it looks like an old World War II photograph, except that it is in color, and it's in New York City.
  • The next photograph is of a metal storage container used for hauling freight off of ships, it is stacked full from front to back with naked corpses, some wrapped in plastic. Men in biohazard suits are in the process of closing the doors on the cargo container when the picture was snapped, and from the looks of it, it was taken through a chain-link fence.
  • Hel-mugshot.jpg
    A mug shot depicting a blonde woman in a gray prison uniform. It is Helena Dean, and the photograph has been taken up against a concrete block wall in what looks like some form of government facility, a series of numbers are printed on her loose shirt.
  • The next photograph is unlike the other two, it depicts Edward seated at a poker table with a cigar in his mouth, looking more weary, tired and aged than he does now. At his right side is Peter Petrelli, with a green army jacket on and a black tanktop beneath, his hair is a little longer than it is now, and he's missing his scar. Standing behind Peter with her hands on his shoulders, is Eileen Ruskin - the young woman who stabbed Teo in the stomach with a butterknife, though she's not young anymore, she's an adult, and she has an assault rifle slung over her shoulder.
  • The next few photographs all depict what looks like the interior of a power plant, one with a subterranean railroad connection station inside, ad judging from the construction and architecture, it's incredibly old. One of those photographs depicts a room like the one in Isaac Mendez' loft, but with thousands of strings and hundreds upon hundreds of photographs all connected together.
  • A stack of hand-written notes and mathematical formulas along with a few pages of tightly-packed number strings. A caption by them says Doctor Ray verifies they are in his own handwriting, of mathematical formulas and research into string theory that he has not even begun to understand yet, along with a manifesto of sorts. Doctor Ray also verifies the glasses are his, sent as proof from a possible future. These exhibits arrived by parcel service, with no return address, three days before the attempt on Mr. Rickham.

The World Versus Vanguard, Round Two

Over the course of 2009, it was discovered Kazimir's successors had a nuclear weapon and planned to detonate it under Antarctic ice to trigger a flood and bring about Kazimir's goal. Details on this are found under the Event titled Operation Apollo.

Carlisle Dreyfus and the Quest for Revenge

After Operation Apollo, Carlisle Dreyfus somehow invaded the United States along with Aleksandr Koslow (Skoll) and the Chinese Vanguardite named Bing. They joined with Feng Daiyu and began operations versus the component of Apollo which operated in Russia. Attacks were made, resulting in homelessness for Abby's parents and murder of an Old Lucy's employee, the assassination of Jennifer Chesterfield, engagements with members of Apollo's Team Charlie, deaths of nearby non-combatants, the involvement of Frontline teams, and destruction of property.

Efforts to find, defeat, and exterminate Dreyfus continue.

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