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Scene Title Receipts
Synopsis Minea's awake. She has information. Len wants her to stay underground.
Date May 16, 2009

Primatech Infirmary

Len left the additional agents near the restaurant to keep anyone who may have figured this out occupied, while he slipped out and made several interesting exchanges before hitting the subway and getting off a few minutes later to find his Jeep. It takes him a bit to get to the facility, but he parks in front and heads inside.

He received word that Minea Dahl was awake, restored and should be ready to return to work at his discretion. Well, his discretion will be seeing just what the lasting effects of what she's gone through are at this point. Len heads towards the infirmary.

Minea's very much awake though still in the pants and wrap top that they seem to favor with their patient on the company medical ward. Gone are the leads and everything, IV, any tubes or wires in anticipation of being released. Hopefully soon. The Brunette sits upright in her bed, an annoyed look on her face. Likely because of what occurred, or maybe because.. well come on. It was Cannes, and Roberto. It sucks to know that what you thought was real wasn't. That it was all some mental game played by a telepath of immense strength. A legal pad of paper, yellow in color and a pen are on the movable table, the brunette writing line after line of something. The door to the room wide open and apparently at the request of the occupant. She's showered and washed, hair just this side of damp. She wants out.

And look who has the key. Len walks into the room and grins. "Well, some one's been spending time on the beach, I hear. Well, good for you." he walks over and pulls up a doctor's stool and straddles it. "How are you feeling, Agent Dahl?" After his morning jog this morning with Liz Harrison, Len is back in his typical uniform, including cowboy hat.

There's a cluck of Minea's tongue, a pause in the writing as the pen is lifted from paper. "If only I had the sun kissed look to prove it. I take it since I'm here, that someone found me drooling on my kitchen floor."

"That someone was Agent Cook and myself. I received your distress text, though for some reason that text was delayed over 12 hours. I need to figure out how that happened." Len glances down at her. "What all do you remember, Agent Dahl?"

"Agent Cook" Her partner. "I remember, opening my door. I just got home. I was starting to close it and realized that the window was open. Just like when he'd tried to recruit me. Goodman appeared, he'd been waiting just off to the side. I failed to react in time. I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting him to appear in my home, not a second time." Minea flips the pages of the notepad to the start. It seems she was writing down what she could remember, not trusting herself. "He told that he had underestimated me. He…” Minea's nostrils flare. "He was expecting me to leak information, damning information, about the company, to Phoenix. Based on the fact that my previous job, with the ISA lent me to participate in the events surrounding the 28th of January. I was present at one of the altercations and it was known. He called it an inventive interpretation of my instructions by the ISA."

Minea shakes her head. "He was in my home and he brought someone else with him. A telepath? Psychic of some sort. He didn't come out until the end. I managed to fire off the text to you, when he first came in but…” Len didn't receive it for over 12 hours.

Len considers all this information, nodding as she speaks. There is something about all of this that concerns him. "Agent Dahl. I know we have not worked together very long, but let me tell you something about myself. I believe in the 'need to know' concept. Not everyone needs to have every piece of information to do their job. You give them exactly what they need, and nothing more. A couple of reason I do this is that, one: Sometimes additional information will taint the investigation. Instead of going out and finding this information out on their own, agents rely on everything I tell them and potentially come to improper conclusions. And two: there are times when it is important to keep things close to your chest. The reason I bring this up is that there is one thing I will never do. I will not tell you something that is not true, intentionally speaking. If I tell you something, you can damn sure bet I believe it to be the God-honest truth."

"Therefore, Agent Dahl. I am going to ask you one time — not because I doubt you — but because I need to know the truth in order to do my job. Have you been feeding any information from our organization to any other organization that does not necessarily share out own agenda?" His tone is not accusatory, but asked matter of factly, as if he just wants to clear the air.

"When I first came across Agent Winters in the organization" Minea answers. "I shared with Detective Harrison that their missing clone, he's a copy of an evolved individual who was or is still part of Phoenix, was alive and well and not missing in some dark hole, but employed by Homeland. So that they would back off looking for him. Detective Harrison is a member of Phoenix, she has no contact, she is one of two contacts with Phoenix that I maintain. There was another incident involving an individual that they know, one Magnes J Varlane, gravity manipulation. He was set upon me by one Flint Deckard. He had the tag mark on the back of his neck and was going to 'send me to an island for evil people'. I called them up, their defacto guardian slash leader to come fetch him as I had no urge to run him in, with the warning that if I saw him again, friend of Phoenix or not, I would turn him in for being unregistered and whatever else I could stick at him. Those are the only two times that I can remember" Let the bitching out begin.

No bitching here. "From this point forward, I need all information you are going to pass on to anyone outside of this organization run through myself. At the very least, if you use your own discretion, you need to make sure you report what information you've provided so we can track this type of thing." He stands. "I've assigned Agent Castillo your 'Robin Hood' case for now. I have told her that you can provide her assistance if she needs it. I think she may need it. She's going to be gung ho to prove she can do this assignment, and I need you to keep her grounded. Just remember, it's her case now."

"Aside from that, I want you to take it easy for a few days to see if there are any lingering effects from the restoration. I am not comfortable putting you out on the street until we know for sure you have been put back together properly. Am I clear on that? This means no weapon, for now. Last thing I need right now is an accidental discharge."

"Purple Spiders" Minea answers, only Kat would have gotten that reference, or those who had read the actual file on the incident in the marketplace. "There's an FBI Agent who is working on the Niles Wight case. He was supposed to gather some information from his case, the murder of Thea Barbaris, and drop it on Detective Harrison's desk for me to pick up." Minea rubs her thumb against the notepad a few times a nod of her head. "It's understood. It's now her case, I'm fine with being support. I've always done better as support anyways. Sitting in the front gets me … mind wiped" There's a tightness around her eyes that hints at the anger over what happened to her. "Taylor Reed is currently in Elementary school right now though. It might be prudent that his family be contacted and help gotten for his child counterpart. Give them a foot up on how to better teach him and watch over him."

"That doesn't help us at all with the current Reed at the moment. And do not worry, you have been doing outstanding, regardless of the mind-wipe." Len reaches down and pats her on the arm. "Without you we would have absolutely nothing on the time travelers, or Taylor Reed. Do not think it has gone unnoticed. As soon as I'm certain you are capable again, you will be leading investigations again. Get yourself squared away, make sure your head is on straight and we'll get you back in the field. We need you out there, Dahl. You get shit done." He grins. "Understood?"

"Must be doing something right if they're trying to park me in my head and keep me there" Minea's own hand reaches over, nearly unconsciously, a brief touch of the other agents hand on her arm. Touch his sleeve and then back again. "I'm writing up the incident from when I came home. Trying to remember. So far just… things from childhood seem a little fuzzy, there's a handful of fuzzy spots but it's from far back. I'll submit it to you when I'm done. The second guy, he was familiar. I don't know how. Something about his eyes. If he was working with Goodman he might be associated with the company, and the company might have files on him, if a folder with all the telepath's or people capable of doing what they could do, could be brought to me? Or people with Biomere since that's the front that Goodman seems to use. Maybe I'll recognize him." Trying to help, even from the infirmary bed. That's Minea.

Len stands and nods. "Do what you can. If you need a sketch artist, let me know. I can get one in here quicker than you can hit a spittoon from 10 feet away." He winks at the agent. "And don't worry about the rest. I'm taking care of everything, Dahl." He starts for the door. "Oh, and Dahl — get yourself a room. Stay out of your apartment." He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out an envelope and tosses it to her. When she opens it, she'll see some cash. Plenty of it. "I need receipts though. Should be enough to tie you over until this all gets cleared up." Len Denton is an optimist!

"Understood" She somewhat fumbles the catch, but it falls on her lap. A quick glance inside notes the money. "I have access to cash not involving my cards. I already started arranging stuff, just in case nothing could be stopped, before August Denton. Safe to go back to my apartment for clothes, and who is it safe to contact that I'm awake? I presume you’re going to let it be known generally that I'm still a turnip?"

"Contact no one. Except me." He grins. "And I sure with you'll come out of that coma soon enough." Len starts to close the door as he leaves, then thinks better of it. It was open when he got there. "And use the money. Receipts. Don't forget, unless you want it out of your pay." with that he turns and starts to walk down the hall whistles something by Waylon Jennings.

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