Asi's Relationships
monica_icon.gif Parkour buddy. Relentless. Unbreakable.
eve_icon.gif 易者. Frazzling to be around, but that's just the disruptive field her new form puts off.
luther_icon.gif A serious, grumpy old bear with a strong set of morals, and an even stronger stomach. Oddly obsessed with gachapon.
chess_icon.gif A clone who escaped Praxis' clutches. Second Civil War Veteran. Gets blamed for an abnormal number of events, thanks to her doppelgangers. Witnessed her proving the pen is mightier than any sword.
ff_miles_icon.gif An honorary member of this strange crew? Teleporter, and lifesaver. Reported dead, then reported missing, after being found in a cave in Hokkaido and subsequently lost. (By Genki, no less.)
ff_silas_icon.gif A man from the other side of the looking glass. A friend in another world. And in this one.
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