Emily's Relationships
avi_icon.gif My father is my father. He's established very clearly he cares. He's also established that he's a self-centered asshole. So … whatever, then.
rachel_icon.gif My mother is my mother. I miss her and I've started calling her more, and we talk, but it's mostly just … day-to-day bullshit. It's hard to tell her how I really feel, or what's really going on unless someone else has already told her. I don't want to give her any more ammunition for the argument around why I should leave New York.
julie_icon.gif I hurt her so much more than I knew when I moved out. What we had isn't the same, but it's still strong. I love her, and I hope she realizes that it doesn't come with conditions.
nathalie_icon.gif Life isn't fair. What happened to her isn't fair. I'd do anything to bring her back.
devon2_icon.gif There's still the threat something bad could happen, but we'll face it together, whatever comes. It amazes me still how much he cares about me, and catches me off guard how much I care about him. I'm trying to make peace with the danger he's regularly exposed to because of Wolfhound, but that much is still a work in progress.
teo_icon.gif Former terrorist, current pessimist. He has a lot of heart he tries to camouflage from others, but it's still there as day if you learn where his edges are. I'm learning, slowly, the same way he's learning about me. I didn't think our living arrangement would work out as long as it has. Maybe it'll last forever, maybe it'll be over tomorrow— but I'm glad it happened at all.
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