Flood Remi's Relationships
(Bright) La belle sudiste. Another of the travelers — she and Remi were tasked with removing the negation in the Ark, and she has become considerably fond of her.
Le manipulateur d'ondes sonores. Remi isn't close to Liz, but they've been through enough that she considers her to be a friendly acquaintance. She and Magnes are responsible for Remi's arrival in a better world, and she can't forget that — ever.
Le merveilleux géant. Remi knew the other Huruma decently well — which is why, when Huruma cornered her in an antique store, Remi didn't even try to lie to her. She is a kind woman at heart, but Remi also knows how dangerous Huruma can be. All the same, she was rather fond of her Huruma, and the feeling has transferred quite nicely to this Huruma.
L'homme de l'ombre. He is Elisabeth's lover, the one she crossed many different universes for. He was close to the other her — and he, through Raytech, is also largely responsible for her theater project with Silas. Richard Ray is a good friend, and Remi can't help but like the guy.
(Flood) Le causeur. Silas, over time, has genuintely become one of Remi's closest friends. It is Silas who helped her through her grief when she lost Jasper, and it is Silas who has pooled his resources with hers to start their floating dinner theater. Silas is one of Remi's best friends — and one of the very few who knows where she came from.
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