Relationships to Sibyl Black
avi_icon.gif Avi Epstein was, until July of 2017, Sibyl's protector. He kept her sequestered in an attic apartment in Elmhurst where she was well-provided for on the condition that she refrain from using her ability or leave the building without his permission. She did both these things, resulting in the death of Michael Lowell and Epstein's incarceration. During his imprisonment, Sibyl conspired to somehow break him out by hiring someone else to do it for her in exchange for access to her ability, but was beaten to the punch by Colette Demsky. Although she's grateful that Epstein is again a free man, she has made no effort to track him down during his time in New York or travel to Rochester to meet; she harbors too much guilt over the incident with Lowell and, out of love, does not wish to resume being his secret burden.
logan_icon.gif John Logan receives the right of first refusal for all the jewelry Sibyl either pickpockets or scavenges from the Ruins of Staten Island and the Bronx. Without his business, she would have had a rougher time establishing herself after losing Epstein, and she has — on occasion — spent the night at the Vault or in the spare bedroom of his apartment while lying low. Their rapport is a friendly one in spite of Logan's old reputation, which is still alive and well on Staten Island. Sibyl believes the war has changed him from a man of questionable character to a man who is capable of achieving great things for other people — if he were to choose to set aside his sense of self-preservation first.
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