06/08/19 -- Massacre in New Hope


PENNSYLVANIA — The small town of New Hope Pennsylvania has a post-war population just under 2,500 people. This morning it awoke to a horrifying discovery. 18 police officers from the New Hope Police Department were brutally murdered in what is believed to be an attack of Anti-Expressive violence. The first of its kind in New Hope.

During a routine traffic stop at 10:37pm, New Hope officers were fired upon by an unknown assailant from his vehicle. New Hope's police department was mobilized to respond, and by the time police from neighboring Stockton arrived, 18 police officers were dead.

Stockton police and New Hope officers who were not on duty that night soon traced the attack to the home of Kevin Porter, 25, who was found dead in his home. In Porter's residence they found a stockpile of 67 firearms from long rifles to fully-automatic assault rifles.

Police are not saying why they believe the attacks were SLC-Expressive motivated, except that they have reason to believe that they saw evidence pointing to extremist ideologies of the Pure Earth movement.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security along with SESA have descended on the small town of New Hope, which remains shaken and horrified by this unprecedented level of violence. Mayor Laughlin told us over the phone that, "The people of New Hope weathered the Civil War without any bloodshed. We weren't where the fighting was. We aren't used to this kind of violence. We're a simple town with a simple way of life. We didn't ask for this, but now we have to come to terms with the fact that this is the world we live in… and we have to come together as a community and move on."

Memorial services for the officers slain will be held on Wednesday.

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