Research And Bickering


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Scene Title Research and Bickering
Synopsis Carrie wants to research and Grim just wants to get in there and get the job done.
Date June 3, 2009

Primatech Research

Since getting reassigned back to her partner's case, Carrie has spent a lot of time in their shared office trying to dig up any information up on the two men they were being asked to track. Fingers type with soft clicks on the laptop that sits in front of her, her expression intense. Occasionally, she looks away from the screen long enough to make notes on a small notebook beside the laptop. Behind her an ipod, hooked to a docking station, plays softly should a lot like country music.

Laying on the couch on his back, Grim is looking up at the ceiling, twirling nunchucks in his hand beside him though after a few seconds those nunchucks turn into a pistol he twirls expertly around a finger and thing a frisbee that he spins on finger tip and then a basketball that does the same. The object keeps changing but he just keeps staring at the ceiling. "Why aren't we out there busting skulls again? Why are we pent up in here at… 10:37.. 10:38 at night?"

Intently writing some detail or another on the paper, Carrie sounds extremely distracted as she says. "Because… Grim. I want to know what we're going into." Her voice is soft and even. "You may be evolved Grim, I am not." She pauses eyes flicking over to watch him for a few seconds. "So I want to know what they can do.. how well they can do it." Her head turns back to the computer screen. "And so I can plan."

The basketball takes on a metallic appearance and melts down into his hand only to form up into a rather futuristic-looking pistol right out of a sci-fi flick and he gestures with it a little though noticeably not in Carrie's direction. "Why do you always come back to that?" he asks, looking over his shoulder at her over a moment before shaking his head and looking up at the ceiling. "'Grim, you're evolved.', 'Grim, I'm not evolved.' Honestly, get it out of your system because I've seen episodes of Gilligan's Island that are less predictable. - I would be saying the exact same thing even if I wasn't Evolved."

The pencil is set down softly on the paper, before Carrie turns to Grim and crosses her legs, arms cross as she considers him. "Maybe.. just maybe because every time you bitch about something that is the answer." Her brows lift bot on her head as she continues. "So yes.. predictable or not.. It's the truth. I am not going to just go tracking a pair of evolved without doing my homework." She turns back to the screen, picking up the pencil again.

"You know, there are seconds where I wish I were not the way that I am just so I could show you just how wrong you are." Grim says before he pulls the trigger on the gun which causes a bright blue bolt of energy to be fired from it and there is suddenly a fairly large hole in the ceiling… and the floor above it, and the ceiling above that and somewhere far above can be seen the night sky. "Remind me to make you scream like you mean it when we get home because obviously you need a good humping…"

Carrie jumps at the firing of the weapons and clutches at her chest. "Dammit Grim.. When is your place gonna be done being fogged?" She snaps angrily. It's mean but he just scared the day lights out of her. She glances at the roof. "Thank god that's only an illusion. I sure as shit don't want to have to explain it to Agent Denton." She gives him a somewhat disapproving look before going back to her work.

"I love you too, baby," He says with mild sarcasm and sighs as the whole office ripples subtly as he dispels all of his illusions and folds his hands on his stomach. Of course the ceiling is whole, no damage done. "Look, with Doctor Ray, all I need to do is form an illusion around him and he won't be able to predict anything then because nothing is normal anymore. After that we just put him in cuffs and walk him back to his holding cell. End of story."

"You always make it sound so simple." Carrie says with a frustrated sigh, tossing the pencil down. "I don't think it'll be that simple." Leaning forward she rests her elbows on the desk and rubs her fingers over her suddenly tired eyes. "I guess when it comes down to it, we need to hit him up first. Niles has the potential of being the more dangerous one of the two." She rests her face in her hands for a long moment before sitting back again. "I don't want to fuck this up. I need to prove to Agent Denton that I can do the job."

"How about proving to me that you once knew how to make a home-cooked meal." Grim says as he sits up and swings his legs over the side of the couch, slowly standing up to his feet and stretching. He walks over and closes the lid of the laptop, leaning against the desk top and then rests his hands on his knee propped against the desk. "C'mon. You're done. You can pick up the research in the morning when I am sleeping in."

There is a small frown as the lid of the laptop is closed on her research. Her ton is flat, yet calm. "You know… I didn't save that." She gives a heavy sigh and leans forward to unplug the laptop and then proceeds to put it away. "Your right.. I am done. I'm freakin' exhausted." She zips closed the laptop case and pulls it up on her shoulder as she stands. She gives him a pointed look. "And you know I don't cook anymore. Why do you think there is all those menus on the fridge." She finally gives him a genuine smile. "Alright. Come on, time to go home." She reaches up to pat his cheek, seems even for all the bickering there is an affection for the man. Hand dropping she starts moving past him towards the door more then ready to go home.

"Probably for the best, I suppose…" Grim says as he pushes off of the desk to walk after her, grinning quietly. "You were probably a rotten cook." he catches up to her and holds the office door open for her, giving a helpless shrug as he looks at her, so obviously liking to say confrontational things just so that he can gauge the reactions of those about him. "And don't worry. I saved it for you when you were not looking. It's on your desktop under the title of 'CastilloIsNoMarthaStewart'."

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