Search For A Memory


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Scene Title Search For A Memory
Synopsis Lorraine goes to Kaylee to search her memory for any inconsistencies and they find something unexpected.
Date July 22, 2010

Kaylee's Apartment - Gun Hill

In the warmth of a small one bedroom apartment, fans hum loudly as they desperately try to bring some kind of relief to the occupants. There is nothing special about the place, with it's white wall devoid of ornaments, a bookself full of books and photos of friends and family. The furniture is more worthy of a bachelor pad then a the home of a Kentucky raised girl, made up of mismatched couch and chairs.

Next to one of the two large windows in the living room, Kaylee Anne Thatcher sits in front of an open air conditioner box, reading the instructions. "Whoever writes these things, should be shot… I bet English isn't their first language."

There is no other human in the apartment with the telepath, only a shaggy blonde puppy who is planting in front of a large silver floor fan. Tongue lolled out, Missy watches her human with mild interest, head tipping one way and then the other as Kaylee talks. "I mean.. what the hell. 'Put in window with bolts…' This… makes no goddamn sense. Where?" She gives a soft huff and glances at Missy.

The puppy's head whips around to the door, floppy ears forward with interest, tongue going back in her mouth. A knock shortly follows, which has the puppy scrambling for the door, barking. "Hold on!" Kaylee calls over the high pitched yapping, climbing to her feet to follow the dog.

It takes a moment to grab up the dog with an arm around her middle and resting her against a hip. The puppy hangs when with a heavy sigh. "It might be someone scared of dogs… Don't look at me like that." This is all said as she works at the locks. Opening the door a little she peeks out of it carefully, not in the habit of looking in peoples heads. "Hello?"

The woman at the door may tug on an old memory of a Ferry meet, when the group was speaking on a grim ultimatum about a young girl. Lorraine Fournier had sat in on the meeting, voicing her relationship with said young lady, but has otherwise remained out of various decisions lately— in fact, she hasn't shown her face much around Kaylee until right this moment. "Kaylee Thatcher? Jensen… Raith, he told me that you might be able to help me with a concern that I have." She glances down the hall, as if checking to make sure no one is running by, before her blue eyes settle back on the other blonde.

"Can I come in? I hope it doesn't take up too much of your time, but you may be one of the few people who can help me with this… situation."

"Lor-raine? Right?" Brows furrow slightly as the young woman pulls the name out of her own memories, before putting a smile on her lips. . Backing up, the telepath opens the door wider for the other blonde, while the puppy in her arms, stretches her neck to sniff curiously at the woman. "Come in, you'll have to excuse the heat, I have a cooler, just not in place yet. Maybe some iceed sweet tea?" Something her Granny had taught her to make.

"So Raith sent you?" Kaylee sounds a touch surprised that he might refer someone to her. "Um… I can see what I can do for you, I guess. Depending on what it is."

"Aren't you a pretty puppy," Lorraine says to said puppy as she moves in, reaching out to offer her hand, which smells of lunch that she'd ate on the way over from Staten Island. The Bronx is a long trip, so she had to get food somewhere else. It also likely means she won't stay long, because of how long it will take to get back. "Yes, Lorraine. I remember you from the meeting, too," she says, until she moves further in. "I don't need anything to drink, thank you— I'm here because a year ago I'd been working at Pinehearst with Arthur Petrelli, and I've discovered that he may have… done something to my mind while I was there."

That would be one of the many things that people would come to Kaylee about, the resident telepath.

"The Institute also had me for a short time, one of me, at least. It's possible that they did something to me then. I haven't done anything, but the longer I'm around my daughter, the more I worry that… someone may have planted something inside me that would make me hurt her. When I mentioned this concern, I was told you were someone I could go to, to… rest easy."

The hand is sniffed with intense curiosity, the slightly curled tail waves slightly. Shutting the door and setting Missy on the floor so that the fluffy pup can follow Lorraine. She smells like food, she likes that. Kaylee's brows lift slightly. "Well, that I might be able to help with." She smiles slightly, motioning the woman to have a seat. "Hope your okay with a little dog hair.

"And it wouldn't be the first time I've had to get into peoples head like that. It's… hard, but I've done it." Kaylee offers a smile. "So I can see what I can do. I've dealt with Arthur's handy work, before, I can give it another shot."

"I've never owned a dog, but I don't mind them," Lorraine says, settling down into the seat, not picking at shed that might have made a home on the chair. She doesn't try to force the puppy away once she's seated, offering her hand somemore, though trying to avoid face licks, at the same time. "Admitedly I probably wouldn't offer myself to such a scan except for this, because there's a lot in my mind that I'd like to keep to myself. I've been through quite a lot in my life." But she came today as one person, without a second half anywhere in the world.

Because that's the best way she can be sure that she's not a danger to her daughter in any way… Many of her thoughts, however, would likely be in French, but that's because it's her native tongue. It's the way she still thinks. Even if it's not the way she talks, most the time.

"Is there anything I need to do?"

"Well… I'm not in the business of giving away secrets." Kaylee promises. "And I don't go digging for them either, unless asked. Admittedly there was a time I would have… but… that's not me anymore." Settling on the couch, Kaylee leans forward to snag the puppies collar and pull her down. "No Missy. Down." The words said with a firm command. At first it doesn't looks like Missy will listen, but finally she drops her back end to sit.

"Okay… So what I'm looking for? Just anything unusual? Or missing memories?" Kaylee asks looking for clarification before diving into another person's memories.

"Missing memories, anything that might be a command or a trigger. Anything that seems threatening to my child. You probably won't have to go further than… May of last year," Lorraine clarifies, giving the young woman an idea of what to look for. "There's probably a lot of out of the ordinary things, but… Jensen said that you could be trusted." Her smile is soft, but genuine, as if she trusts what he says enough to put her mind in the hands of someone else. Especially to protect her child.

"Okay." Kaylee says brightly, moving to sit o the coffee table across from her, rubbing her hands together. "That's all I need to know and out of the ordinary is not unusual for me… Should see what I've seen." Brows twitch up a little before she scoots to the edge of the table. "All I need you to do is to relax and not fight me."

Leaning forward slowly with both hands, Kaylee presses fingers lightly to Lorraine's temples. "I'll start from the present and work back, just in case." Eyes slide shut and the woman can feel a light pressure on her brain, words flit through her mind now.

I'm going to flip through, looking for anything that doesn't look right. Skips in your memories… anything.

Kaylee's eye move back and forth under her lids as if she looking at something, internally, she flips through memories quickly, like a clerk thumbing through files, searching.

The depth of her memories is murky, like multiple memories spilled on top of each other. Finding skips isn't as easy as finding segments where she's got two distinct memory patterns at the same time, overlapping. It's difficult to navigate, and hard to find bumps— and Lorraine has died. There's stops when that happened, like a sudden shut down of a computer that couldn't handle a power surge and needed to reboot.

So many whispers and memories, but a voice pops out of the den, drawn by the words in them.

Is— Is Kaylee your daughter?

Kaylee. It's Lorraine's voice, carefully prounced so that the French accent she has is almost nonexistant.

All I need is… you to pull up a chair and listen to me.

This voice seems to come from the same time, layered under, but it's a voice she heard, not her own. A male voice. And one that tugs on a memory all Kaylee's own. A memory from a dream.

Kaylee… I did— do— love you. All I ever did was to protect you and your mother…

The more that she pulls toward the memory, the more that voice sings through, until she starts to live it.

May 30, 2009

Pinehearst Headquarters


Sleek and modern, the hallways of the Pinehearst Headquarters could never be called dirty. Even the back halls of the sub-basements are clinically sterile. A few people shift down the hallways, moving in various directions, but Lori Moon stands at one of the doors, looking through a small window in on two young girls, mirror images of each other.

The temptation to touch the glass is as strong as it'd been the day she first saw their faces, but someone moving up behind her snaps her out of it, causing her to turn away and continue on her rounds. A few labs down she swipes a card through a door, to gain access, and steps inside, looking at the chart left by the doctors. What medication is needed for this patient, what time it was last given…

"Who do we have today?" she finds herself talking outloud, as she carries the clipboard toward the nearby door, swiping her card to gain access, and stepping inside.

"Hello. My name is Lori."

Seated on the side of the bed with his back to the door, the patient in the basement laboratory room B-4 is a slim figured individual. Short brown hair tufts at all ankles and small hands work to adjust the collar of a button-down shirt, folding it back as he slowly slides off of the edge of the bed and onto his feet. "I'd say good morning," he notes in a nasally tone of voice, "but I have a feeling I'm not exactly aware what time it is any longer."

Reaching down to the stand beside his bed, the short man picks up a pair of wire-rimmed, round-lensed eyeglasses, unfolding the arms as he turns and slides them up the bridge of his nose, large and expressive blue eyes staring back at the nurse and the faint twitch of a smile at the corners of his mouth.

"Doctor Edward Ray," is the introduction so carefully planned as the mathematician furrows his brows and begins to walk around the foot of the bed. "You… don't actually know why I'm here, do you?" One brown eyebrow lifts, and Edward's smile grows a bit more, hands folding behind his back. "You can check on the chart all you'd like, but I don't think Arthur took the time to fill out my paperwork before he had Maury drilling through my brain…"

There's both bitterness and smug satisfaction in Edward's voice as he makes that commentary, offering out a greeting hand towards Lori for a handshake. "But now that you're here, I can tell it was worth the pain."

Glancing down at the chart, it just mentions food, water, and the occassional sedative, but the big note comes at the bottom. Do not allow out of the room. Lori hesitates a moment before letting the door close behind her, auto-locking. "There's a lot going on that they don't tell me," she says in a kind voice, smile faint as she shifts the clipboard to one arm. "I'm supposed to make sure you get something to eat. Is there anything you'd prefer? I happen to be a fairly good cook, though admitedly they haven't given me the run of the kitchen. My contribution will likely be toothpicks."

As she talks she reaches a hand out to take his own, squeezing gently and giving a shake, as she looks through the wire rims into the beady eyes. "Nice to mee you, Doctor Ray. I'm not sure I understand what you mean, though— if you're in pain I can get some painkillers for you…"

"Not anymore…" Edward clarifies with an assessing look up to Lori, brows pinched together. He sidesteps the conversation of sandwiches, Edward looks Lori up and down, then walks back towards his bed, though on the opposite side he was before. "The pain, that is. There is, actually, something you could probably do for me, Lori…" Edward notes as he turns around, slouching down to sit on the side of the bed, hands folded in his lap.

"All I need is…" and he trails off, looking up at her with blue eyes narrowed behind the frames of his glasses, flicking a look left and right as he considers what seems like simple words but ot him is myriad, "you to pull up a chair and listen to me. Not so hard, and it's almost like you're getting a little time off too. If anyone asks you what took so long, well, just tell them I was being difficult," and that earns a smile, "they'll believe you."

"I've been told I'm a good listener," she informs softly, as she moves toward the one chair in the room, small and uncushioned, but functional and clean. Lori sets the unhelpful clipboard down on the counter, before sliding the chair closer to the bed. The legs drag against the floor, making a scrapping noise for a moment before she lifts it up higher, to settle it down where she can sit, facing him. Leaning back, so that she's sitting up straight, her hands come together in her lap, as she looks on.

"What do you need to tell me?"

"I need you to listen carefully to the things I'm going to say, but you won't ever need to relay them to anyone else." In his own impossibly complex manner, Edward draws in people conversationally like a spider to a web. "In fact," he admits with a lift of his brows, "you probably won't even understand what I'm talking about, it's just imperitive that you listen and don't forget."

Unfolding his hands, Edward slaps his palms on his knees, brows knitting together as his head tilts to the side. "Richard, I need you to take into careful consideration the list you'll be getting, remember that I'm willing to make you perform any number of sacrifices in order to accomplish my own personal goals. Consider the nature of what you'd bring about before following through on— " there's a moment of hesitation as Edward reconsiders his words, "before following through on matters pertaining to shaping what we all want. Consider my condition."

Running his tongue over his lips, Edward's blue eyes divert to the floor. "And Kaylee…" Edward looks up to Lorraine, making eye contact with her, "I did— do— love you. All I ever did was to protect you and your mother… even if you don't understand it. I— don't know where I'll be when you hear this message, but there's something you need to know."

Furrowing his brows, Edward's lips downturn into a frown. "Your brother is alive and well, and he's going to ask you for help with something very soon… you'll need to do whatever he asks. You'll know him when you see him, he'll be carrying a blue box."

As if that were not puzzling enough, Edward's lips creep up into a smile. "As for your sister, you're going to need to do something very dangerous and very risky. Whatever you do, do not trust Hiro Nakamura, mister Sullivan is your only hope of saving her."

Well, the man was right. Lorraine does not understand this message, or most of what it's supposed to say, but she commits it to memory, as much as she can. There is one thing she gets rather quickly— these messages aren't for her. And they aren't meant to be relayed immediately either.

"Is— Is Kaylee your daughter?" Something that this woman can understand, more than she could ever admit. Children she loved but couldn't keep— ones who may never know how much she loved them, and how much she wants to hold them, and do more than look upon them through glass. It's a message that touches a personal spot in her heart.

"How will I know who I'm supposed to tell this to?"

"She is," is probably the most honest thing Edward Ray has ever said. "You don't need to worry about that, the way I see things… it will come out at just the right time." A knowing smile crosses Edward's lips as he folds his hands in his lap again, brows furrowed and eyes down on his hands. "Oh— one other thing though," Edward notes with a looks back up to Lori. "Richard, if you really want to do this right… do this perfectly…"

All of the smile drains quickly from Edward's face as he looks up to Lorraine. "You're going to need to add yourself to that list. Because otherwise, you're going to do something we're all going to regret…" and then, without missing a beat, Edward's brows perkily creep up and a smile dawns on his face again.

"I'll have a toasted tuna salad, if you're still taking orders."

When the memory ends, Kaylee pulls herself out of the woman's head so fast, her head jerks back just a little before her eyes snap open to stare at her. The pain of the headache is ignored completely as she is bewildered by what she just saw. Of course, Lorraine will remember it all with clarity.

"You…" The word tumbles out of her mouth and her brows tilts up, eyes dropping to away as it all hits her. "You knew him… you knew my father!" Kaylee states, looking back to the woman. Then a small smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. "That sneaky bastard." There is actually a touch of appreciation, before tears start gather in her eyes.

"Sorry…" The young woman says suddenly, getting her to feet and moving away, before they start to slide down her cheeks. Hand furiously work to brush at the tears as they don't seem to want to stop.

The clarity of the memory dragged out of the depths of a time she died and all her memories pored into another body. Lorraine rubs at her face, sweat on her forehead from more than just the heat. That wasn't what she intended to find when she asked the young woman to dive into her past, but it's something that, perhaps, she needed to find again. "I'd almost completely forgotten about that— I never understood it, and I died a month later." It sounds strange, but Kaylee knew of one person who lived multiple lives, so perhaps it's not as strange as it could be.

"You're Kaylee, so do you know who Richard is?" Cause now she remembers clearly that there's another part of the message she needs to deliever. Though still has no idea who to deliever it to.

"Yeah, Richard Cardinal." Kaylee says softly, turning back, hands still wiping at her cheeks, but it seems she's been able to stop the tears at least. "He does… work.. for my father. I think Ray wants me to dump that into Richard's head. Like a video message. Cause he's not a telepath like me." She sniffs and moves to drop onto the couch. "Sorry…

"I just… Edward hasn't been in my life… I just now learned I have a brother and a sister. Kind of a shock." Swallowing, she looks down at her knees, hands rubbing on the top of her legs. "So… your… a multiplier? Someone that can make copies of herself." It makes sense from what she saw in the other woman's head.

After a moment of hesitation, Kaylee moves to sit across from her, giving her a small smile. "Pretty cool ability, I know another like that. Useful when you need to be in more then one place." The young telepath tries to brighten up her mood as she says, "Anyhow, let me… let me finish that scan for you. You've got a daughter. You want her safe… I want to help you keep her safe."

"Alright, then, if you can do that, then I'll trust you to make sure he gets the part of the message meant for him," Lorraine says with a soft smile, even if she may have looked, for a moment, as if she was going to ask for a way to contact him. If the young woman can do it, then she'll allow her to. "And I'm a duplicator. I can split myself into two places at once, but no more than that, normally. Only one time was I able to do more than two pieces, and that was special circumstance. Ability boosting was involved."

A nod, and she closes her eyes. "Thank you, I do think we need to finish that— I do want my daughter safe, as well as the rest of you. I'm not part of your… Ferry, but I already know more than enough that I would be a risk to you if there was something there."

Reaching out to touch the woman's temples, Kaylee closes her eyes again, the pressure returning to others woman head. The small smile sticks on the telepath's lips as she does. Picking up where she left off, the telepath continues to sift through memories one by one, until…

"Your clean." Kaylee says as eyes open again. Grimacing, against the first sharp pain of the migraine that comes from using her ability. "Nothing that indicates anymore missing memories, or triggers. Your safe." Hands pull away from Lorraine's head.

"Your daughter is safe… and the message has been delivered. Thank you, Lorraine."

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