Severed Timeline Logs Page: 2020—2021

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42 logs posted for 2020—2021.

Past Logs up to September 2020
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
09/08/17 Late Night Unspoken Asami and Faulkner Ordinary World
September 2020
Date Time Title Participants Storyline
09/01 Morning 7 Rings Eve and Warren Ordinary World
Late Morning Shadowboxing Faulkner and Nicole Ordinary World
Evening At Peace Asami Ordinary World
Late Night Only For Him Kaylee Ordinary World
09/02 Morning Likeness Brynn and Emma Ordinary World
Afternoon Apartment 607 Lynette and Mateo Ordinary World
Afternoon Form and Foils Ami, Asami, Hiro, Kimiko, Jac, and Yi-Min Ordinary World
09/05 Afternoon Picnic in the Park Faulkner and Nova Ordinary World
09/08 Wee Hours Rainy Day Woman Nicole and Zachery Ordinary World
09/12 Evening Bows and Roses Asami, Faulkner, Jac, Kaylee, Lynette, Nicole, Nova, Shaw, and Yi-Min Ordinary World
09/15 Night Sibling Riflery Kara, Yi-Min, and Yi-Shan Ordinary World
09/20 Evening Five Year Plan Nicole and Zachery Ordinary World
October 2020
10/08 Morning Always On Call Asami and Zachery Ordinary World
10/12 Noon 25 or 6 to 4 Gabriella, Nick, and Nicole Ordinary World
10/13 Afternoon Orchids Nicole and Yi-Min Ordinary World
10/14 Morning A World Full of Shadows Gabriella, Nick, and Yi-Min Ordinary World
10/16 Pre-Dawn Going Down Lorraine and Zachery Ordinary World
Mid-Morning The Drop Zachery Ordinary World
Noon Break the Fall Nicole and Zachery Ordinary World
10/18 Morning Mundanity Gerrit and Jacoba Ordinary World
10/23 Late Afternoon Doesn't Exist Corbin and Kaylee Ordinary World
10/24 Late Night From Someone Else's Dream Asami Ordinary World
10/25 Late Morning Reflected Glory Faulkner and Nova Ordinary World
10/26 Morning Soliloquy Jac Ordinary World
Afternoon Just a Little Teenage Drama Jac and Kaylee Ordinary World
Late Afternoon Dial Tone Gabriella Ordinary World
10/27 Night Canal Street Station Nova Ordinary World
10/28 Night And No One Dared Donovan and Gillian Ordinary World
November 2020
11/01 Late Morning String Thievery Asami, Brynn, Faulkner, Isa, Jac, Justice, Kaylee, and Nova Ordinary World
11/03 Late Afternoon Lost Girl Isa Ordinary World
Late Evening Best Laid Schemes Faulkner, Kaylee, and Nicole Ordinary World
11/06 Afternoon Everything Is Fine Kaylee Ordinary World
11/08 Night Route Not Found Abby Ordinary World
11/16 Afternoon Autumn in New York Brynn and Nova Ordinary World
December 2020
January 2021
01/15 Late Afternoon Non-Compliant Asami Ordinary World
Late Afternoon No Justice Brynn, Jac, Justice, and Nova Ordinary World
Early Evening Elements of the Past Asami and Kaylee Ordinary World
Early Evening Unforgotten Brynn, Faulkner, and Nova Ordinary World
Late Night Secret Guest Asami, Kaylee, and Jac Ordinary World
01/16 Early Morning Harboring a Wanted Fugitive Asami, Gillian, and Kaylee Ordinary World
Afternoon Art Installation Asami, Brynn, Faulkner, Jac, and Nova Ordinary World
Evening Petrelli Secret Rebel Base Asami, Brynn, and Kaylee Ordinary World
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