Nicole Lyzette Miller

State of New York Identification

ID #31 Jul 2020 01:10

Name Nicole Miller Aliases
Compliant Yes
Gender Female
Birthdate December 24, 1981 Age 38
Height 5' 7" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence Dorchester Towers Apartments, Upper West Side, Manhattan
Employment Assistant to New York State Senator, Isaac Faulkner
Parents Richard Nichols
Evangeline Nichols
Siblings Colette Nichols (sister; deceased)
Marital Status Zachery Miller (husband) Children None
First Scene Shadowboxing Last Scene
Profile Nicole Miller is the personal assistant to NY State Senator Isaac Faulkner and is heading his campaign to become representative of New York's 7th congressional district.
Nicole Lyzette Miller
portrayed by
Winona Ryder



September 2020
When What Why Who
09/01 Shadowboxing Oh, you creep up like the clouds and you set my soul at ease. Isaac
09/XX Beneficial The butterflies are a metaphor… Eve and Faulkner
09/08 Rainy Day Woman No one ever loved you like I do. Zachery
09/12 Bows and Roses A night of music. Asami, Faulkner, Jac, Kaylee, Lynette, Nova, Shaw, and Yi-Min
09/20 Five Year Plan Everything's falling into place. Zachery
October 2020
10/12 25 or 6 to 4 Now I'm in some completely different place. Gabriella and Nick
10/13 Orchids Sometimes you don't realize what you can't live without until fear takes over. Yi-Min
10/16 Break the Fall You break the fall. It's not easy to trust. Zachery
November 2020
11/03 Best Laid Schemes Of mice and men. Faulkner and Kaylee
The Stalled Elevator What is happening? Zachery


My Hero sf_zachery_icon.gif The love of her life.

Zachery saved her life and frequently reminds her to take time to actually live it for herself. Nicole isn't always the best partner to her husband — she works too much and simply doesn't make the time for him that she should — but there's no doubt that she loves him fiercely. His patience with her seems as boundless as her gratitude for him. They hope to make more time for each other once the election is finished and really focus on their five year plan.
Minnie sf_yi-min_icon.gif The best friend.

Yi-Min came into Nicole's life in a time when she needed support and companionship from someone who wasn't a rival or had control over her future. The two became fast friends and eventually advanced to something more. However, Nicole feared that being openly in a relationship would hurt her career prospects (given the double-standards women are held to regarding an ability to maintain work-life balance), so their status was kept quiet. Just gals being pals, outwardly. When Kara Prince came into the picture, Yi-Min broke up with Nicole in favor of being with someone she could be out with. It broke Nicole's heart, but she respected it and supported the relationship. It became apparent that Nicole's issue hadn't been the relationship, but being perceived as gay, when she began openly dating Zachery Miller years later. Though Yi-Min is still engaged to Kara and Nicole is now married, the two have reignited their romance and fall into bed with one another from time to time.



Known to Most

  • In her twenties, Nicole Nichols established a charitable foundation known as Letty's Legacy, raising money to pay for lifesaving procedures for children with heart defects.
  • Serving as the de facto second-in-command of the Linderman Group, most important decisions are still filtered through Nicole before they reach Faulkner.

Known to Some

  • After the accident that nearly claimed her life, Nicole is wary of traveling in the rain. Especially after dark.

Known to Few

  • The diamond tennis bracelet she's never seen without was a gift from Daniel Linderman.
  • A closeted bi-sexual.
  • Previously (and very privately) dated Yi-Min Yeh in the late 2000s. After some years off, the two are now having an affair, with her husband's knowing consent.
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