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Scene Title So That's It?
Synopsis Schuyler has an interview and surprise, it's with Nalani. He's now named "Vlad"
Date March 31, 2009

Pause Magainze Offices

He really submitted his resume as a 'What the Hell…why not?' to see if anything would come of it. To tell the truth, he was quite surprised when he was contacted for an actual interview. Schuyler spent a good bit of time on his wardrobe, oddly enough, since he knew coming into a fashion magazine wearing a boring suit, no matter what the cut, just wasn't going to cut it. He's watched 'Ugly Betty'…he knew he'd have to step it up. The problem is, his wardrobe is fairly limited when it comes to designer clothes. A few purchases have been made, however, thanks to a little bit of identity theft…after all, the Hiltons won't really notice a shopping spree, would they? A navy cashmere turtleneck sweater is worn under a chocolate brown corderouy blazer with a pair of dress pants; it's all designer, but a few different designers all matched up. Or, at least, he hoped. That decided upon, he made his way to the magazine offices, portfolio and extra resumes in tow.

Once he made it to the front desk, he put on what he hoped to be his most charming smile and went up to the receptionist, "Hello…I'm here for an interview. The name's 'Prince'…Schuyler Prince."

"Good afternoon Mr. Prince" This isn't mode. There's no blonde airhead manning the receptionist desk filing her nails. Nalani wouldn't stand for it. Schuyler's name is typed into the keyboard, a glance to the recessed computer screen before a brilliantly white smile is offered to him. "If you'll take a seat over to the right, Ms. Aberdeen will come and get you. Anything else Mr. Prince?"

Schuyler returns that smile, "Thanks, I'm all set." He them moves to sit on the indicated seat and goes through his portfolio to make sure everything is there and in the order he wanted them to be in. At least all the digital work he did wasn't destroyed like most of the physical canvases…but a magazine would probably be uninterested in that anyhow.

Considering that Schuyler, unknown to him, is getting grilled by the queen bee herself of this great hive that is Pause instead of one of the drones, the actual canvas might have been impressive, but digitals will likely do. It's a good ten minutes before a petite and fashionable blonde comes out. She beelines straight for Schuyler, no need to ask the receptionist where he is or who he is. "Mr Prince? I'm Stephanie Aberdeen, Ms. Hollingwoods primary assistant. I'll be taking you back for your interview"

Schuyler looks up from his portfolio and closes it quickly as he's addressed. Standing, he offers a hand at the introduction, "Thanks. Pleasure to meet you…" since she already knows who he is. It must have been fairly obvious…after all, how many guys who work here hang out in Reception looking a bit more nervous than they'd like? It's been a while since he's done this sort of thing.

Away they walk, to traverse the cream halls of Pause with it's burgundy carpeting. "Now, the position is for the assistant graphics editor. HR selected you as one of the few that we're interested in and Ms. Hollingwood is meeting with them to make the decision. Your potential boss isn't in today…" Which probably caused a right proper fit in Nalani when told that. "…But time is critical" Stephanie quickly looks Schuyler over and satisfied, carries on. "Calls her Miz Hollingwood. Not Miss. Don't touch her unless it's to shake her hand. Wait at the door until she invites you in. Do you smoke?"

Schuyler says, "Miz, and not Miss…check. No gratuitous groping…check. Wait for an invite in…check. No, I don't smoke. Was that a job requirement?" He didn't remember seeing that, but then again, he was just sort of sending things in to see if he got any bites. Sky also looks down at himself and offers, "It's all designer, don't worry." After all, he's seen the movies."

"No, was more me asking so I know whether to shove a mint in your mouth or not. She's in a foul mood, so, fair warning. It's been hell the last two months here" There's a sigh. "So if you can pass this, then you'll survive here." Round the corner they go till they come to the frosted outer double doors to Nalani's office. "Good luck Mr. Prince" She wheels around a dark wood desk, pressing a button on the phone system there. "Ms. Hollingwood, Mr. Prince is here for his interview" She glances up with a supportive smile, the last he's bound to see that office in the next few minutes as there's a "send him in" from inside the inner sanctum. Back around the desk Stephanie maneuvers, adept at this task and making it as graceful a dance as possible in the production that is Pause Magazine. "into the lions den with you! Break a leg, no crying"

Schuyler offers, "I did brush my teeth this morning,' before he gives a salute and quips, "And into the valley of death, rode the 600!" He steps to the doorway and waits. See? He can remember instructions…or at least, the few that he was given. A couple of deep breaths are taken to steady himself and calm the shy part of him that is wailing about having to be in such a place surrounded by so many people and having to deal with an interview. This, if the movies and television shows can be believed, is no time to get nervous.

But life IS a movie. You are the actor, the protagonist who's answering the call of duty, to be a productive and non thieving member of society. Enter… the Antagonist. Nalani Hollingwood. All six foot two of her, bollywood beauty, former model turned magazine owner. Single handedly raised up her little empire from the dirt and reigns supreme. She's off at the side, of her office, pouring herself a cup of tea from some dainty terribly overpriced china. Up comes her face, brown eyes studying him staring with the tips of his shoes and up up up to the very last hair on his head, taking her time. This is pause, Image does count. For now, she doesn't say anything, just watching him with a slightly steely expression on her face.

He wasn't quite expecting his interviewer to be the looker that she is. He actually looks surprised for a moment before offering a subtle clearing of his throat, still paused at the door. "Good afternoon, Miz Hollingwood. I'm Schuyler Prince…I'm told you were expecting me?" And there's another smile. At the very least he should try and look affable and confident. It's a guise he's maintained for many long years. Blue eyes meet brown and he just waits for the invitation. After a moment he offers, "You know, I'm not a vampire."

"Should have worn a light blue turtleneck Mr. prince, not a navy, not when wearing a blazer of that color. Stephanie, see if he wants anything" She's british. Muddled a bit, but it's distinctly there. Stephanie was at the door behind him, there to meet any of the needs of the two people. "Would you care for anything Mr. Prince? We have just about anything" Nalani stalks her way back to her desk, easing down into the black high backed chair, swiveling it towards her desk where the teacup and saucer are placed down. "Where's your credentials, portfolio Vlad. Stephanie these things should have preceded him, you know better" She's not even looking at her assistant when she berates her. "Have a seat Vlad"

Schuyler looks down at his outfit before looking back at the woman, "Maybe…but I didn't want to look too…uhh…" what's a good word to use here? "Flamboyant." That seems to work enough. At Stephanie's offer, he gives her a smile, "Water's great, thanks." When he's asked for his credentials and portfolio, a resume is pulled out and placed on top before the both are handed over. "It's Schuyler…or 'Sky' works as well." That said, he does take a seat, also pointing out, "I managed to keep a few originals, but most of those are scans of the actual pages and mock-up designs. The photographs are of works that I've done that sadly have gone to Painting Heaven."

'Vlad" So it has been said, so it shall be. Sky, does not exist in this particular office. only outside these doors. Stephanie skirts about, getting the water, uncapping the bottle and pouring it into a glass. A few ice cubes added and it's placed on the edge of the desk atop a coaster so that no rings get left on the glass before she excuses herself. Which leaves Schuyler and Nalani alone. "Painting Heaven. Yes" There's a sigh,a why me kind of sigh but she takes the resume, glancing at it to get a rough look at where he's been, what he's done. Next onto the portfolio. Humor died a cruel death in this office today. Probably jumped out the window and committed suicide for all that she's even looking at him and the frowns she's giving the pages as she shuffles through them.

Art is subjective. He knows this all too well. So, Schuyler, nee Vlad, merely waits as his work is scrutinized. When the glass is brought over, he offers the assistant a smile and a quiet, "Thanks," before taking a long sip and trying to remain calm. His inner self is wanting to break out in a sweat and fidget, but now isn't the time. He can be all jumpy when he leaves.

"Why should we choose you, over the others that have walked through my doors?" Caluating, carefully spoken, she's still flipping, a pause here and then as she spots something.

It's an expected question. Schuyler leans forward some to place the water back on the coaster and to clasp his hands in front of him, his elbows resting on the arms of his chair. "Well, I don't know who else you've had in here or what their background is, but I can tell you that my work gets noticed. I approach things from an artistic point of view first and foremost and while I realize that you're a fashion magazine, if I learned one thing at school, it was that fashion is just another form of art. Your magazine is progressive…and I can help with that image." That rehearsed bit said, he also offers, "I know a few of the up and coming designers," who were in his class and at the school around the same time, "And I could really use the job."

Odds are, Nalani might know those up and comers too, but likely not to the degree that he knows them. "define progressive" Now she looks up, portfolio is closed with a snap before it's tossed onto her desk and she leans back. hellloooo there little mouse. you look delicious to eat. Play with too. A forefinger, replete with manicured nail in some shade of red that contrasts with her black sheath taps her lower lip. "in relation to Pause Magazine"

Schuyler shrugs, "When I applied for the job, I went to the bookstore to look through the latest issue. The cover's more eye-catching and artistic when compared to the others…the stark colors and sharp lines compared to the model's pale skin pops out at you and makes you want to look closer. Even the way the articles are arranged…the layouts aren't your typical 'Photo and then text' and even the photographs you use are…" he tries to think of a fashion word to use, "Editorial. It's not geared to your everyday housewife, but it's what they wish they could be like…dress like…look like." Right? He's pulling things out of the air with this, really and trying not to squirm under the questioning.

"Model. That model was Lucrezia Benatti. Supermodel and actress. She's love to hear that" Nalani regards him though, thoughtfully. "we are not geared towards your everyday housewife, no. They want that they can go to womens wear daily. We're competing in the high fashion circuit with a focus on New York. Where everyone wants to be. What would you change, if you got this job?" Her right foot bobs, slowly and the wrist with what seems to be a cast, covered by cashmere, taps a few times on the desktop.

"Oh. I knew she looked familiar," is offered quietly before Sky clears his throat again and straightens. "Well, I don't remember everything about the magazine, but at least with the cover, I would have done one pop of something really bright. Like…a bright red tie or bright red lips. I know that's not really what the job would be, but I would certainly keep going with the untraditional layout and maybe even introduce a few other mediums…collage is pretty big right now." He lifts a hand to brush it through his hair, "I meant that it was what most women -wish- they looked like and could wear and stuff. I think that the everyday housewife buys this magazine so that she can dream."

"We don't follow the trend at Pause Vald. We define it. We create it. We do it, and then we go on to something else. Ever evolving. Stick to one formula and you'll become stagnant and die" Nalani's lips purse a moment and her brows pull down slightly as she leans forward, gathering his portfolio, handing it back over. "I need someone who can be inventive, creative, who doesn't mind shoving his foot in the bloody door and speaking his opinion, but also knows when to shut his mouth and say "Yes Ms Hollingwood"

"I thought that someone else would be my boss here? Someone else who would then answer to you?" Sky asks quickly, letting the whole 'defining the trend' argument go. Not really his forte. Taking the portfolio back, he offers, "I'm certainly inventive and creative…at least, that's what my diploma says and what I hope my portfolio puts across. If I need to state my opinion, I will. As far as shutting my mouth…if the boat needs to be rocked, I'll rock it. If it's only a matter of my own personal pride to rock that boat, I'd like to think that I'd have enough self-awareness not to go down that route."

"I put my hands in everything Vald. There will be another person between you and me, and then there's Stephanie still, but irregardless" There's a dismissive hand. "Go down to human resources with Stephanie. She'll walk you through what needs to be done. Have your arse in here tomorrow, we're halfway through next months issue and that bloody idiot who quit has left you alot of shit to slog through so that we can get things out on time"

Schuyler gives a little start at that. "I…uh, just like that? Uhh, great! I guess Stephanie will be the one to discuss salary and benefits and all?" This is a good thing, right? It's a job…"Good thing I don't have much planned in the next few days to figure out how to un-slog all the shit." That said, he offers a smile, "I look forward to working with you, Miz Hollingwood." With that, he takes his portfolio and stands, pausing. "I wasn't told if I needed to wait to be dismissed or not."

"You've already been dismissed" Duh. "Stephanie will deal with you, have a good day Vald" With that, away from her desk she goes, tea untouched and abandoned to stalk once more across her office to a door elsewhere and disappear behind it. Stephanie's in, not three moments later, opening the door with a smile. "You survived Mr. Prince" It's a hush sentance, so that the big boss lady doesn't hear. "lets go get you settled"

At least he's going to be the assistant…learning to read silent signals like this might prove to be interesting. When Stephanie comes in, he goes to follow her back out, "That's survival? Well, good to know. And even better to know that I'll get to work…" although for how long, he isn't too sure. "So, uh…what exactly goes along with the job I just got?"

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