Sondes Van Die Vader Part I



Scene Title Sondes Van Die Vader, Part I
Date January 11, 2019

Dingy Motel Room



Tibby lifts her head from the leaky faucet to stare into the broken, dirty mirror that reflects emerald green eyes ringed in smudged black eye makeup back at her. Drops of moisture trail down her face, dripping back down to the dirty sink below her.

She stands there blinking, trying to clear her field of vision but the blinking never helps.

The room she was staying in was live able and they had Ghostnet. It was as good as any of a place for her to hole up while she worked. In the comfortable seclusion behind closed doors she wears just a tank top and shorts, white scars clear and lining so much of her body.

One hand goes out to snag at a long USB cord that she swiftly connects to a port in her arm. In the corner of her eye the battery gauge turns yellow and slowly begins to fill up. "Speel nuus," Multiple screens mounted on the wall light up as various news sources begin to play their evening runs the blue glow washing over Tibby's face.

…Department of Homeland Security has released information pertaining to the suspects in December's terrorist attack and prison break on the Liberty Island Detention Center in New York…

Settling herself in a crappy folding chair she lifts her hands, Talon gleaming in the dingy light and then shoves it downward into a sealed can of beans. Slowly she keeps punching through it into the top until it comes off, stuck on the end of the Talon. She darts out of tongue to lick the Talon clean before tossing the lid in the trash. Propping her feet up and taking a spoon to scoop the cold wet mush into her mouth.

…LeCroix revealed the identities of the two attackers on the Liberty Island facility as Baruti Naidu, a South African arms dealer and Francesca Lang, a demolitions engineer from New York…

The spoon clatters to the floor and Tibby's head snaps upwards. Reaching forward to type on her keyboard, a screen to the left becomes the dominant feed on all of them. Her heart rate begins to climb and Tibby's HUD reflects that. Leaning forward over the table her eyes grow wider and something within her mind glitches.


The platinum blonde woman clutches her head, eyes squeezing shut as she grunts. "Vader ek weet dat ek op my eie kan staan," She whispers, gaze far gone. "Nee nee, ek bedoel nie, Shaking her head and toppling backward over the chair. "Luister vir my! Luister asb!" Tibby's cries become desperate, caught in a memory.

…ISN1, an arms-dealing organization primarily active in Africa and the Middle-East. Naidu was last seen in Syria 2010 and was believed to be in hiding…

"Ek is mal oor my familie! Ek is lief vir jou! Papa…"

Tibby's body begins to flail about as the HUD flashes warning signs in her eyesight: WARNING! COGNITIVE DEFICIENCY

"Ek is lief vir…" Tibby's head lolls to the side, "Ek is lief vir…"

More details as this develops.


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