Dark Below
Chapter Three: "Dark Below"

Life is difficult across the New York City Safe Zone, but when food stores already stretched thin begin disappearing, its residents must discover the cause of this theft — and in the process, uncover an unsettling secret of the past.
Date Scene Description
03/02/18 Phantom Thief Two members of the Safe Zone Cooperative's Citizen Watch makes a startling discovery.
03/06/18 Threads to Follow Agent Lin comes to a couple members of the Cooperative to ask about the recent thefts.
Somebody Knows Something Niki and Tuck compare notes and share what they know with Liza.
03/07/18 Coffee And Questions SESA contacts Savannah Burton with inquiries into the food thefts. And Corbin Ayers gets to meet one of his favorite authors.
03/08/18 Pins Investigations into the food theft are ongoing.
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