Garden of Forking Paths
Chapter One: "The Garden of Forking Paths"

After Magnes Varlane and Elisabeth Harrison vanished over the skies of Mount Natazhat in 2011, they did not die, but went somewhere else. The journey back home to their loved ones takes them to many places glimpsed and rumored. They were not the first to cross the boundary, however… and those that they left behind also find traces of this garden of possibilities.
05/17/11 Plan (B)ella A simple experiment turns into a hostage situation as the Institute tests a man whose ability was more than they bargained for. prime.gif
10/01/11 Interesting People Two birds in a gilded cage pass the time by sharing books. prime.gif
10/11/11 The Razor A chance encounter between security and resident ends with the drawing of blood, for reasons known only to the latter. prime.gif
11/04/11 Be the Overflow Reading between the lines, Odessa begins to unravel the mystery of Ruiz. prime.gif
11/08/11 Maybe in Another Life As the Ark is evacuated, Ruiz meets someone he already knows, and prepares to make a last stand. prime.gif
11/08/11 Dess Ruiz has one last reunion before the end. prime.gif
12/04/16 You and Me Lynette raises a theory about the interaction of Mateo Ruiz's ability with time, or timelines. prime.gif
01/30/17 Other Otters Eve suggests there may be a third Ruiz to be found. prime.gif
10/27/17 The Man Who Kills Me Upon finding Ray's string web, Des becomes entangled in memories of lives not her own. prime.gif
And Now…
11/08/11 Welcome to Another World Elisabeth and Magnes discover that the wrong side of a black hole isn't anything like they expected. virus.gif
Where the Fuck Are We? Liz and Magnes go over what they know, what they don't know, and what they need to know. virus.gif
Another Brief History of Time Liz and Edward compare historical events in an attempt to determine a point of divergence. virus.gif
Singularities Magnes consults with Ruiz on the nature of his ability. virus.gif
The Nature of Nothing In an attempt to find a way out, Magnes teaches Mateo a new use for his ability. virus.gif
Butterflies and Hurricanes Using strings, Edward and Elisabeth continue to try to map out the point of divergence between their native timelines. virus.gif
A Canary in a Coal Mine Elisabeth introduces herself to a Vanguard prisoner and tries to reach something like common ground with her. virus.gif
11/09/11 We Are All We Have virus.gif
A Trip to K-Mart virus.gif
The Last of His Kind virus.gif
11/10/11 The First Lady virus.gif
Six Degrees 'Til Midnight virus.gif
Checking on Something virus.gif
Overture virus.gif
Gone Are the Ribbons and Bows virus.gif
Rats in the Walls virus.gif
Some Perspective virus.gif
Improbability virus.gif
A Bigger Cage virus.gif
The Audacity of Hope virus.gif
Me and You virus.gif
02/19/18 Mondays prime.gif
02/21/18 Shot In The Dark prime.gif
Old Family Movies prime.gif
And Now…
11/11/11 Crow Is Not Her Favorite Food virus.gif
Armistice Day virus.gif
Testing the Water virus.gif
11/12/11 Coincidence or Fate? virus.gif
11/13/11 Death Above virus.gif
Anxiety Below virus.gif
Talk Less, Smile More virus.gif
11/14/11 That First Step's a Doozy virus.gif
Whiskey Talk virus.gif
Tic-Tacs (Another Side) virus.gif
Black Thread virus.gif
Best Friends at the End of the World virus.gif
11/15/11 They Drew the Queen of Diamonds virus.gif
The Last Lemon virus.gif
11/16/11 Doing Your Civic Duty virus.gif
11/17/11 The Dickson Pamphlet virus.gif
11/22/11 Two Weeks in the Post-Apocalypse virus.gif
03/01/18 Four Hands prime.gif
03/02/18 Fate or Chance prime.gif
The Awful Sound prime.gif
And Now…
11/23/11 The Efficiency of Trash virus.gif
Lasciate Ogni Speranza virus.gif
11/25/11 4.Bb5 - Spanish Variation virus.gif
11/28/11 A Good Sort virus.gif
Just A Sip virus.gif
Hypothetical Questions virus.gif
Homegirls in the Making virus.gif
11/29/11 Forbidden Things virus.gif
Shipwrecked virus.gif
Gravity Chalk virus.gif
Stardate Unknown virus.gif
12/01/11 And Also Fuck You virus.gif
My Brain Hurts virus.gif
12/04/11 #sorrynotsorry virus.gif
12/05/11 Radio Waves and Tinfoil Hats virus.gif
12/06/11 Coffee and Contemplation virus.gif
12/08/11 Who Wants To Live Forever? virus.gif
She Likes To Watch virus.gif
12/09/11 Times That Try Woman's Soul virus.gif
03/04/18 A Dirty Window Pane prime.gif
03/07/18 In the Dark Recesses of the Mind prime.gif
puᴉW ǝɥʇ ɟo sǝssǝɔǝɹ ʞɹɐp ǝɥʇ uI prime.gif
03/09/18 I Can See, Eye to Eye prime.gif
03/10/18 Are You Her? prime.gif
03/12/18 The Broken Path prime.gif
And Now…
12/09/11 Lemon Death Moonshine and Kansas virus.gif
Pretty and Elaine virus.gif
12/10/11 Side Quest virus.gif
12/11/11 A Mile In Someone Else's Shoes virus.gif
Hope is a Bastard virus.gif
12/12/11 Gathering Troops virus.gif
12/13/11 Nothing Interesting virus.gif
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