Chapter Two: "Hunters"

The private military company Wolfhound is responsible for the tracking and apprehending of war criminals across the United States. But after an unauthorized rescue operation led by one of their own puts the organization at odds with their government handlers, Wolfhound is put in a difficult position. At the same time, a ghost from the past steps out from the shadows.
06/17/17 Operation High Road, Part I Wolfhound assaults a heavily-fortified facility belonging to the former Commonwealth Institute in pursuit of Howard LeMay. Major Gitelman and Officer Lancaster penetrate the command center, and find themselves with unexpected company.
Operation High Road, Part II Strike Team Wendigo is tasked with knocking out the power substation that feeds the facility's defenses.
Operation High Road, Part III Strike Team Amarok has the dual duties of drawing attention and clearing the unit's extraction site.
06/19/17 One of the Pack Two days after the successful execution of Operation High Road, Wolfhound celebrates their victory.
07/09/17 Petrichor A fateful encounter ends in the murder of a SESA agent at the hands of Wolfhound's Commander Epstein.
Caged His contact having gone silent, an information broker sends his best scout out looking for details.
Not a Bird The bird grounded by the storm is brought to shelter.
07/10/17 Pancake Breakfast Officer Demsky visits a friend and gets an unexpected reunion, along with a personal mission.
11/08/17 Fly Blind Officer Demsky goes rogue, breaks Commander Epstein out of holding, and blows open a can of worms larger than either DHS or Wolfhound ever expected.
If There Is an After On their return to base, Demsky and Epstein are met by Major Gitelman. Demsky comes face to face with the first of the repercussions from her actions.
11/09/17 Damage Control Secretary Lazzaro meets personally with Major Gitelman for explanations, and finds the rabbit hole in his department only gets deeper.
11/10/17 Never an If, Always a When Officer Demsky is confronted by Secretary Lazzaro about her actions — and their repercussions.
01/16/18 Ground Rules Wolfhound is informed of the watchdog SESA has assigned to monitor them, and ground rules are laid down in no uncertain terms.
Impeccable First Lieutenant Lancaster seeks advice on how to handle the incoming liaison in light of their prior relationship.
People Fuck Things Up Commander Epstein draws Lancaster into his personal secrets, including the one that started everything.
01/17/18 Something Other Than Yes Acting on Epstein|Epstein's behalf, Lancaster goes looking for information on Sibyl's current whereabouts.
Your Cue On her way out, Lancaster notices and confronts a tail, and finds herself rescued by a SESA agent who just happens to be in the area.
Mineshaft I Lancaster reports back to Epstein, who has second thoughts on what he's gotten them into.
And Now…
02/22/18 Observe. Report. Coordinate. Wolfhound's commander welcomes their new SESA liaison to her first day on the job.
02/23/18 Accruements Upon the suspicious death of an informant, First Lieutenant Lancaster goes looking for information and finds one piece of a puzzle.
Tricky Ricky and the Pony Express Meanwhile, the other piece lands unexpectedly in the lap of Officer Beckett.
A Strange Set Of Circumstances Beckett reports her find.
Skycastle, Part I The two pieces of the puzzle are brought together, illuminating Wolfhound's next target.
02/28/18 That Would Be Unprofessional Agent Quinn has her first official encounter with many of the members of Wolfhound.
Wango Tango Officers Beckett and Ryans discuss recent developments and their implications.
03/02/18 The Sword of Damocles, Part I SESA Agent Russo is given an unpleasant responsibility: the investigation of a murder that might just be the ticket to unraveling a massive conspiracy.
03/08/18 Not Even Kind of Over Officer Demsky returns from administrative leave to the support of her teammates and the watchful eyes of their designated observer.
03/15/18 A Little Side Business Second Lieutenant Bennet and Officer Clendaniel are sent to make the first steps in developing a potential new lead.
03/16/18 Heisenberg Pete Varlane and Erica Kravid 'discuss' the odd results and ongoing future of the Heisenberg project.
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