String Ball


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Scene Title String Ball
Synopsis Magnes and Deckard have an altercation.
Date April 1, 2018


Many believe that Mars is a desolate world, when in reality it is an elaborate government coverup. Since the 1980s, the world's elite have been thriving after a mass exodus from the dying planet Earth. In their steed are highly paid lookalikes who preserve the lie, while they suck the Earth of all its resources from the safety of another planet.

Mars culture has grown, as they've taken poor working class people from Earth and kept them for general labor and everyday convenience purposes. The planet's aesthetic has become very neon, but the discovery of evolved abilities has gradually begun to turn the tide of power, as terrorist attacks have become more frequent.

Everything changed with the arrival of Deckard, a drunk warlord who showed up with an entire army one day. Some say he came from the other side of Mars, collecting technology bit by bit over the course of decades. Others say that he's some sort of alien who simply invaded. But what people know for sure is that he's terrorized the Martian cities, trying to find the String Balls.

The String Balls are ancient Martian technology discovered by the early astronaut settlers. When you gather five of them, according to Martian archeological translations, they unlock the secrets of the universe.

Deckard has discovered four of these balls, and now his army has arrived in a small slum of a city known as Neo Brooklyn.

He touches down, stepping from his hover chair, straightening his leather jacket before he smooths his spiked neon green hair, and straightens the glowing hover rings on his wrists. He spits onto the dusty ground, which shines in the red light of the sun as he steps with authority through the central street of the city. His leather-clad men follow behind him.

Holding out a hand, one of his Four Generals offers him a megaphone, and then Deckard takes it, with a swig of Jack Daniels from his left hand. "City of Neo Brooklyn. I'm here for the fifth String Ball. I don't have time for your shit. You knew I was coming, and I know that you've found it. You have one minute to present it. I am Evolved, you do not stand a chance."

The megaphone is carelessly tossed behind him, for one of the generals to almost fumble as he catches it.

People in the city peek out from arcades, bars, and various youth centers. Out of one such youth center walks someone of no older than 25, wearing a red Thriller jacket and some ripped acid washed jeans, with a pair of old beat up Doc Martens. His collar is popped, before he smooths back his hair. "This town doesn't have time for your shit either." he states, right before running a cigarette over his jeans with enough friction to light it, then slipping into his mouth.

Deckard looks appalled, almost spitting out his whisky, if he was the kind of man to waste whisky.
He swallows it instead.

"And who the hell are you supposed to be?" Deckard asks, his men already starting to swing chains above their heads. One of them draws a laser sword.

"Magnes J. Varlane." he introduces, cracking his neck from side to side. His black cut-off leather gloves are straightened, and he starts to lower into a fighting stance. "I'm Evolved too. I'm gonna beat the String Balls out of you and take them myself. I'll share them with the people, not someone who stole technology and won't even share it with his own class. You have all this power, and you won't even take on the elite. I've been keeping the elite out of this town for years, allowing us to finally thrive on our own."

"HAHAHAHAHA!!!" Deckard laughs, and holds his hand up. "A kid like you, I can still smell the Similac on your breath. Men, kill him. I won't even need my generals for you."

That's when the army of men, a good forty of them, all rush in at the same time. This prompts Magnes to raise his hand quite dramatically, and then punch the ground, which fractures the ground into a series of pillars that rise above their feet, launching them several yards away.

"What the hell. He's not bluffing, he's actually evolved… but that's okay."

The generals start to walk forward, but then Deckard holds his hand out. "No, I'm going to put him in his place myself."

Deckard barely finishes his sentence when, in the blink of an eye, it's in front of Magnes, burying a fist into the youth's gut. "That was a nice display, Magnes J. Varlane." He thrusts his head forward, smashing it into Magnes' forward, causing him to fall to his knees. "But you're ten thousand years too early to defeat me, boy."

He goes walking past Magnes, heading down the road.

"No…" Magnes strains out, starting to stand back up, a fiery aura of purple beginning to surround his body. "You haven't even… begun… to see… the gravity of this situation…"

Looking back over his shoulder, Deckard shakes his head. "You're going to persis—" he almost says, before Magnes blurs next to him, smashing a fist into his face. He violently collides with Deckard's face multiple times without seconds, and then launches a kick directly into his stomach, sending him tumbling across the ground.

"DON'T SCREW WITH ME, DECKARD!!!" Magnes yells, cigarette still in his mouth.

Coughing up blood, Deckard is on his hands and knees, and then he starts to laugh. "I've never been taken to my limit like that before… who knew there was someone like you on this planet. But this isn't even my final form."

Standing up straight, Deckard starts to chug his whiskey, and then his generals start to throw him more. Rum, tequila, vodka, moonshine. He downs it all, rapidly, and then pours the moonshine all over his body.

The ground begins to shake, and steam rises from his skin, before Deckard yells, "HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" and his entire body goes up in flames, melting the dust in the air as swirls of fire spiral high into the sky, parting the very clouds above them. His body is no longer visible except as a shadow within the fire, his eyes a bright, burning red.

"You don't know what they actually call me…" he says, while slowly stepping towards Magnes.

"Flint Deckard." he properly introduces himself.

Magnes can feel the heat, sweat already beating down the sides of his head. How can he even approach that heat? He can barely breathe in this. The Four Generals have already taken cover.

"Nothing to say?" Deckard asks, and then he wastes no time once again. In the blink of an eye, he's nowhere to be seen, and then he appears in front of Magnes, slamming a fist into his gut so hard that his Thriller jacket is obliterated into ashes from the force alone.

He's entirely dominated, dragged through the streets, slammed into light poles, and then he's swung around and tossed out of the city entirely, his body covered in bruises and burns.

"I can't believe I had to use this form on some child." He shakes his head, then walks deeper into the city, and holds a hand above his head, starting to rapidly form an increasingly large sphere above his head, something akin to a small star. "Now, bring me the String Ball, or I will entirely obliterate this city."

Finally, some old man runs out of an arcade, holding out a ball that seems to be made of clear crystal strings, and Deckard grabs it with his free hand, simultaneously turning the man to ashes. "Thank you very much."

Walking the ball back, his Four Generals have already gathered the other four balls in a circle. They're all placed together, and then they begin to glow. "Step back, the secrets of the universe are for me. I will learn to create a liquor that will give me power beyond the comprehension of man. A liquor stronger than the strongest moonshine."

Finally, the balls form a golden frame, something that looks like a full body mirror, except the surface is entirely black. Deckard stares into it, and he sees many sights. The spaces between dimensions, eyes beyond the veil of the universe, the beginning of time, the infinity of time, the expanse after the expanse after the expanse.

And then, after all of that, it is known to him. He knows what to do next.

Reaching into the black mirror, he pulls from it a bottle. Shaped like an incredibly fancy gourd. It's shiny, made of a crystal formed within a neutron star. "It only seemed like a few seconds, but I manipulated the tenth dimension, I manipulated an entire reality, and I created the one thing I wanted."

"The Dark Liquor!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" he laughs, and then reaches down to pull the cork out.

But just as he's laughing, there's a sudden blur, and the Dark Liquor is missing from his hands. "What the hell is this?" a bloody Magnes asks, quickly falling back down to one knee.

"NO! Put that down!" Deckard shouts, already reforming his large ball that went missing suddenly due to animation error.

"You don't want me to drink this?" Magnes asks, then stares at it.

Then he drinks it.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!" Magnes shouts, and he curling up into a ball.

"You moron!" Deckard shouts, just as the Black Mirror shatters, and the String Balls go flying off in multiple directions. "The Dark Liquor is made from the infinite mass of a Neutron Black Hole, held in a bottle created within a Neutron Star!!!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Magnes' body starts to blur, light distorts around him, his eyes and mouth glow with white energy, and his purple aura gradually shifts darker and darker, until his body is nothing but darkness.

He opens his white, glowing eyes, and speaks with his equally bright mouth. "Your shitty liquor turned me into a black hole!"

The wind surrounding them becomes entirely unstable, storms starting to form overhead, people starting to lock doors and close windows.

Deckard covers his face with both hands, the fire raging around his body starting to become more violent. "You…. youuuuuuuuu…. DIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

He flies at Magnes, gripping him by the neck, then flies him high into the sky, not stopping until he hits the atmosphere, breaking entirely through it. He squeezes Magnes' neck, his fire far too hot to simply be sucked in.

Magnes chokes, and grips Deckard's wrists. "How…" he starts to pull the older man's hands from around his neck. "Are you still a fire in space, there's no oxygen?!"

"MY FIRE IS HOTTER THAN OXYGEN!!!" Deckard yells, before kicking Magnes so hard that he slams into the dark side of the moon.

Deckard appears soon after, lighting up the moon with his existentially bright flames, then starts to punch him deeper and deeper into the rock. "YOU RUINED MY LIFE, THE DARK LIQUOR WAS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING, I COULD HAVE HAD EVERYTHING!!!"

"YOU WERE ALREADY POWERFUL, STUPID!!!" Magnes retorts, and then kicks him directly in the nuts, and reaches up to grab him by his burning collar, starting to fly him through space again. "You could have had whatever you wanted, helped however many people you wanted, been some kind of benevolent god, but you chose to kick some people around and make black hole liquor with the keys to the universe!!!"

"You don't understand, you're a child!" Deckard grunts. "The way that you solve adult problems… is with liquor! You're not old enough to understand that!"

"YOU'RE TOO OLD TO UNDERSTAND OPTIMISM!!!" Magnes suddenly dives into the moon Europa, smashing Deckard into its surface, until he's creating massive amounts of steam under the freezing cold water. "It's time for you to cool off!" he says, right before pulling Deckard out and laying him on the ice.

He releases his black hole form, sitting on the ground next to Deckard. "This could have all been avoided if you just stopped trying to solve your problems with alcohol, you know." he says, right before pulling out a cigarette and striking it against the ice with enough friction to light it, then takes a drag.

Deckard groans, staring up at the sky, soaking wet as the steam from his body slowly dissipates. "Fuck you Magnes."

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